Fifty Shades of Payne

Liam Payne has always been a kind-hearted, faithful man. He and his beautiful girlfriend, Danielle, met on the X Factor UK in 2010 and have been together since, and he loves her more than almost anything. But can one night and one girl change all that?


2. Cheater, Cheater

*Cheyanne's POV*


      I walked through the front door of my house and sighed. "Oh joy," I said to myself. "A twelve-hour work day, and I get to clean everything." I could have sworn that Michael, my boyfriend, was gonna be home by now. I guess not.

      I decided not to waste anytime complaining about the issue and just start cleaning. In twenty minutes time, I'd gotten the kitchen, living area, and dining area cleaned. Not bad, I thought. Now to clean the bedrooms. Upstairs, I go.

      As I walked to the second floor, I started to hear noises coming from mine and Michael's bedroom. "Murderers," I whisper to myself immediately. I run down the stairs to the kitchen, grab the biggest and sharpest knife I see, and carefully walk to our bedroom.

      I stopped when I reached the door and put my ear up to it so I could tell if it really was a murderer, or maybe a burglar, but what I hear isn't what I expected at all. I freaked out and flung the door open, and that's when I saw it: Michael in bed with some other girl. He jumped up when he saw me and rushed to the door, naked.

      "Cheyanne, babe, I can explain," he said nervously. "This isn't what it looks like."

      Lying little douche. "Really?!" I almost yell, sarcastically. "Because it looks like you're getting dirty with some little whore you picked up off the streets!"

      This wasn't the first time Michael had cheated on me. In fact, he's done it to me so many times before; I can name some, if not all, of the girls he's had. Two of them used to be my best friends. I know I've blown it off before, but that was all he got.

      "Please, Chey. Please just let me explain," By now, the skinny little blondie he had with him had gotten redressed and was moving beside Michael and I to get through the door and leave. "I'll call you!" he told her. She didn't even bother responding.

      "There's no need to explain. I know what happened. I saw it. You've done this before, and I've let it slide each time. But this was your last chance." I turned on my heels and ran down the stairs, Michael getting redressed and catching up to me. I walked to the front door of the place and opened it. "Goodbye, Michael. Your stuff will be on the porch tomorrow. Anything not picked up by six o'clock PM gets burned." He took one last pleading look at me and walked out the door, and I slammed it behind him. "Now, what to do?" I asked myself. Well, the first thing I did was realize that I was still holding the knife, so I stabbed it into the door and walked away.

      "Hmmm...might as well call somebody," I thought aloud, grabbing my phone off the kitchen counter. I went to my contacts and immediately found the one that said 'Kitty Kat ;D' for my friend, Kat. I pressed her name and she picked up after the second ring. "Hellooo," she said in her usual sing-song voice.

      "Hey," I responded tersely. Meet me at Funky Buddha in about an hour, ok?"

      "See you there," Kat replied, and I hung up. Now to start getting ready.

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