Bestfriends Until The End

Calla is best friends with one of the boys from One Direction of course he's famous everyone talks to him but Calla? Yeah she's not that popular everyone doesn't get there friendship because well he's Harry Styles but what they don't understand is that it's Love holding them together.


1. What Were Always Like

(Calla's POV)

I walked down the hall my headphones in my ears I un locked my locker and opened the door and put my stuff away when I got what I got everyday Harry my Bestfriend came up behind me and grabbed my waist from behind and sang lyrics from one of his songs then he released me he leaned against the locker beside mine with his shoulder he looked at me
"How's your morning been?" He asked me
"Peachy. Yours?"
"Fantastic" he said he looked own and back up yawning a bit making me yawn
"Why do you do that?" I asked smirking
"What?" He asked
"The little yawn thing" I said grabbing my binder
"Sorry I had to yawn" Harry said a smirk playing on his lips
"Ooh so today I'm dealing with sassy Harry today what will Louis think about you stealing his card?" I said smiling I turned and tried to get this book off the top shelf I was to sort to get it out I was pulling on it it was caught on something Harry reached above my head and got it out and handed it to me he smiled
"Thanks" I said he nodded we walked to the class we have together biology today we had to dissect a frog Harry wanted to be my partner but I told him could I with one of his "Popular" friends and let me do it by myself but he wouldn't we put on the aprons protecting our clothes I'm pretty sure Everything Harry is wearing is expensive the only thing I'm wearing that's expensive is the LuLu lemon leggings Harry bought me for my birthday last year the teacher came around and put a dead frog on our table belly up Harry took the pointer and poked it "eww" he whispered I put his hand on the desk holding it there "that's disgusting Harry said taking another tool with his free hand and poking it I let go of his other one and giggled "your like a little kid" I said "your going to have to get used to that" he said he was right my Mum was at home 9 months pregnant she could give birth anyway now "yeah I guess I can say I. Excited about having a sister" I said
That's when our class room was buzzed
"Hello Mr.Clark?" The secretary's voice said
"Yes?" Mr.Clark replied
"Cam you send Calla Jones down to the office? And she won't be returning today" I nodded to him and got up followed by Harry
"Um what are you doing Mr.Styles?" Mr.Clark said from behind us
"I'm going with her" Harry said
"I believe that-" Harry cut him off
"Have a nice day Mr.Clark" and he followed me out we went down to the office and I asked what was wrong
"Your Mum called she's in labour and she needs you to drive her" she said I nodded thank god Harry was here I didn't have my car today
We ran out to Harry's car and drove to my house we helped my Mum into the car and sat her down
"Don't worry Mum we will get there in time" I said kissing her cheek and getting in the front seat of Harry's car.

My baby sister was coming and my Bestfriend was going to be there with me

My Bestfriend Until The End

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