The Hunger Games(The After Days)

When the rebellion ends, the excitement just begins. Journey into the lives of Katniss and Peeta. And most importantly..... THEIR CHILDREN. Discover what happens to the characters that stayed alive through the the series.

These characters all came from the mind of Suzanne Collins. This is purely fan fiction.


2. 2

The curves of his mouths curved upward, attempting a weak smile. The memories came back.


"Get out." Gale was frozen.


"Katniss," he repeated.


"I don't want to do this, Gale, but I have to. Please...just get out," I sighed.


"I'm going to leave you guys to it,then. I'll be in our room," Peeta interjected. He slammed the door shut, but I had the feeling his ear was pressed on the door. Gale raised his eyebrows at the word our, but I could care less about what he thought. He destroyed my family,he won't destroy this was.


"You guys are together," he smiled,"doesn't surprise me. It was always him. Look, if you're not going to talke, than I am," he looked at me for reply. I barely wanted him near me. I was not going to speak to him.


"Fine, I am so sorry, Katniss. You know I never meant for that to happen."



A little voice squeaked from the hallway." Momma, I did potty!" Rye jumped up and down, repeating it. "Who are you?" Gale's eyes widened at him.


"Wow," he mouthed.



"I have two," I smiled,knowing it would surprise him.Rye dragged me to the bathroom to look at the unmentionable in the toilet.


"That is great! You're a big boy now," I gushed, flushing the toilet. I took off his diaper and wiped him off. I perched him on my kneeto be able to wash his hands. I dried our hands off and told him to go get changed. Gale was still waiting for me.


"What exactly did you come here for? I have to go soon."



"I wanted to see you and close things up. I was hoping things would go back as they were."


"I am married and have kids. Things can't go back to they were,Gale." He winced at married and kids.


" I have to go," Rye lifted his arms, allowing me to pick him up.


"You could stay for dinner," I pointed out.


"Okay. Where are you going?"


"A place that you don't know about," I retorted,walking outside. Gale smirked and sat atone of the tables. I poked my head in.


"Oh and Gale, I will never forgive you about Prim. I'm only being nice to you, so I don't end up hating you." I retrieved my arrows and quiver from the same hollow tree I did many years ago. I put Rye on his feet. He was very clumsy, but he would learn soon enough.


"Walk slowly,honey. The animals will hear you," I whispered.




"We don't want anything following us, so walk slowly. He nods and we go in deeper in the woods.

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