The Hunger Games(The After Days)

When the rebellion ends, the excitement just begins. Journey into the lives of Katniss and Peeta. And most importantly..... THEIR CHILDREN. Discover what happens to the characters that stayed alive through the the series.

These characters all came from the mind of Suzanne Collins. This is purely fan fiction.


1. 1

Willow marched into the group of Kindergarteners,a smile on her face. Her confidence surprised me. She reminded me so much of her father. She was more social.


And nothing like me,thankfully. The last I saw f her was her black-brown pigtails bouncing on her shoulders. Peeta and I smiled at our creation. She would be the best of Peeta and I. I knew it from the moment I held her frail body in my arms. It was strange being a mother. It was an entire new form of love for me.


"Look at her go," Peeta gushed,clutching my arms. I've never seen him look like himself in a long time. The only times he's looked like the boy in the arenas is at our marriage and at Willow and Rye's births.


"She'll be alright?" A hint of worry was masked behind my voice. Peeta hoisted a sleeping Rye into his arms and nodded.


"She'll be fine. Until she finds out about us,"he murmured. We began walking back home. Haymitch was now outside,struggling to look sober. He waved at us and stood up from his porch. It took us several weeks,but Peeta,Haymitch, and I managed to build us two houses close to the woods. Haymitch wrapped his arms around me.


"So how's the girl?" He half slurred. Peeta excused himself and went to put Rye in bed. I collasped into a chair next to him.


"She's going to find out. I don't...What do I do?" I sighed.


"Nothing. Sweetheart, she's going to find out eventually. When the time comes, you and Peeta will know." Thanks for the advice.


"The teachers probably won't tell them on their first day of Kindergarten," Peeta added,coming outside. He sat next to me and put an arm over my shoulder.


"He's asleep now. I'm going to throw some leftover meat on the grill for later. We have to restock soon," he got up and went back in.


"Have you heard from Effie?" Haymitch mumbles.


I shake my head." They have her in the Capitol-still deciding whether or not to release her." To my surprise, I've missed Effie. I wanted her to meet the kids for a long time, but she isn't allowed around them. She would've pinched their cheeks and insist on dressing her up in a ridiculous way.


"I'm going to head down to the lake with Rye and show him to swim and catch fish." I headed inside to find Peeta tossing some dough in the kitchen. He asked me if I wanted to give it a shot, but I know the defaults of showing my how to bake or cook.


"I'm going to wake Rye up in a couple of minutes," I pointed out.




"Katniss," a familiar voice breathed from the door. My heart plummeted to my stomach. Peeta's knuckles were clenched and pale.


"Gale," I mumbled.

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