Let's Make A Move (1D)


Savannah is off to London. Things with her and Harry carry on, but being in a new country with a new responsiblity takes Savannah to a dark place. Can she and Harry make it through struggles they never thought they'd face together?
Also a reminder, This story is very much rated R. Read cautiously. xo


20. The Chapter you've all been waiting for...

Our section was to the right side of the stage. Security surrounded the entire section. I stood beside Lucy on my left and Ed to my right. Harry's family was behind me, while the rest of the boys family sat along around them. 5SOS had just left the stage and we were now waiting on the boys to come out.

Lucy and I talked with Ed while we waited.

"How are you liking London Savannah?" he asked.

"I like it a lot now that Harry is back." I said smiling. "I was kind of too scared to leave my apartment before he got here."

Ed laughed. "I didn't take you for the shy type."

"I sorta need a push sometimes." I said shrugging.

Lucy jumped in changing the subject, thankfully. "So, Ed! How was your tour with Taylor?" she asked.

"It was just brilliant. I'm thankful for the entire experience." He smiled.

"You two are great songwriters." Lucy said graciously.

"Thank you, I'll make sure to pass that along to her!"

Lucy blushed.

The crowd was getting anxious. I was content. Last time I saw them, I was nothing more than a fan. So much had happened since then. That day. When Harry jumped off the stage and kissed me, changed my life. I've been on the cover of a best selling magazine. I live in a different country. I have some great friends here. And I'm in love.

Yes, I've had my down times too. But, the ups over shadow the downs.

Lucy interrupted my thoughts.

"Savannah?" she said grabbing my hand.

I looked at her.

"I love you. And I'm glad your happy." she said squeezing me.

"I love you too." I said kissing her cheek.

"Also, I want you to know that I really think Harry is the one for you. I think you've found your lucky star and I think it's right in his eyes. I see it sparkle everytime he looks at you."

I took a deep breath. My eyes a little watery from what she had just said. I didn't know what to say.

Before I could say anything the lights went out and the building shook with hysteria. Lucy let go of my hand and began  to jump up and down. I watched as the stage lit up with lights and fire.

The music started playing and those 5 boys that have been the center of my world walked out on stage one last time for a while.


An hour into the show I was dancing and singing with Lucy. Even Gemma had made her way down to my row and danced along with us. Perrie and Eleanor were down from us basically mirroring us. I think we even scared Ed a bit with our moves.

The boys were now an hour into the show where they answered a few tweets on stage.

They all hyperly walk, ran, skipped, and even crawled...yes, Niall crawled across the stage. Liam spoke. "I'm gonna read our first question for the night. Its from Jessie. Jessie wants to know, Zayn! What are you going to miss the most about this tour, now that it's over?"

Zayn walked around with his hand on his chin.

"I'd have to say the fans. We wouldn't be able to do this without them so I'd say Ill miss seeing them and meeting as many as we can."

"Good answer." Liam said pointing to Zayne.

They went on answering several more questions. They talked about Godzilla, Trash cans, makeup, and Nandos. They even got out water guns and sprayed the front row.

It was time to get back to the music and the stage crew brought out 5 chairs.

"We want to do something very special for the ladies in our life so can we ask Perrie, Eleanor, Lucy, Savannah, and Karen to come join us on the stage." Harry said waving at us.

I was startled. "What!" I said looking at Lucy.

She looked just as confused as me.

"Well go on then!" Gemma said pulling me out to the guards waiting to take us. I walked holding Lucy's hand. We were taken back stage. The boys were there waiting on us.

Harry hugged me. "What are we doing?" I said smiling looking around at everyone.

Karen, Liam's Mother looked shocked. Perrie was excited and Eleanor was just calm like always.

"We're going to sing to you." He said pulling me up the stairs to the stage.

My heart was racing as we walked out in front of thousands of people. Cameras were out ready to document this all. The 5 chairs were lined up from one side of the stage to the other.

Harry sat me in the middle chair. To my left sat Perrie and Karen. To my right sat Lucy and El.

I covered my face to hide my blushing. Liam began to speak as the Music to "Little Things" played in the back ground. "This is my Mum. She is the only woman who has always been there for me. I owe her everything."

Zayn spoke after, "I think you all may know Perrie. She's my girl. Happy as the sun and loving as a rose."

Everyone cheered.

Harry walked up to me and grabbed my hand. "This is Savannah. Funny thing, about Savannah here." he giggled and looked at me. "She used to be standing right there." He said pointing in the crowd. Everyone went crazy. "Now." he paused looking at me once again. "Now she stands in my kitchen, making me coffee. Now she stays up late and listens to me talk about boring guy stuff." he said putting up quotations with his fingers. "She is the person I look forward to seeing everyday now." kissing my cheek.

The music continued to play.

Niall spoke next, "This is Lucy. Like Savannah, she was just a fan at one of our shows. Little did I know I would find out how much of an amazing person she is. And no amount of miles away will stop me from loving her."

Last, Louis spoke. "This is my best friend in the entire world. You know her as Eleanor, my girlfriend but I know her as A strong, independent, beautiful woman. I love you El.

The boys walked in front of us and began to sing "Little Things." During each of their solos they would sing directly to the girl they brought on stage.

I watched Liam sing to his mom. I couldn't help but wish Danielle was up there. I felt bad for Liam. He was the only one up here without a girlfriend. I knew it didn't bother him that it was his mother. He loved her. And that was all that mattered.

My heart began to pound when Harry walked to me and put his hand on the side of my cheek and sang looking me directly in the eyes. I couldn't break his stare. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world in that moment.

When the song ended the boys helped us off of our chairs. We hugged each of them. When I got to Liam, he whispered in my ear, "We need to talk."

Before I could respond  was pulled away by Louis who I thought was going to squeeze the life out of me. As we walked off stage. I was standing in the back talking to El when I heard Harry speaking into his mic.

"Everyone sshhh... be quiet for a second so she'll hear me." he shouted.

Everyone in the back froze to listen.

"Savy, can you come back out here please. You've forgot something" I heard Harry say.

Then I heard the crowd go insane. I looked around at everyone standing backstage with me.

"What's going on?" I said taken back.

Lucy and El had the biggest smiles on their faces.

"Savannah Ryan get your ass out here before I have to come get you myself." I heard Louis shout.

I laughed, and ran back up the stage. Niall was waiting on me behind the curtain.

"Savannah, I had no idea." he said with a confused face.

 I laughed, "Is this a prank?"

"No." he smiled. "But, they want me to blind fold you."

"Oh. um..." I looked around. It was only crew members and Niall and I. "Okay..."

Niall put the black blind fold over my eyes and led me on the stage. Screams came from every direction. I tried not to trip as Niall led me to what felt like the center of the stage. He stopped me and Walked away. I stood there feeling anxious. What were they going to do to me. They liked pranking people. Just never me before.

"Alright! I need SILENCE!" he shouted. Everyone hushed really fast.  "Savy, take off the blind fold." I heard Harry demand over his mic.

I slowly untied the knot in the back and pulled it off my eyes. It was completely dark in the arena and the only light that shined was a spotlight that shined over me. I gasped at what  saw. Dropping the blind fold to cover my mouth with my hands.

Kneeled in front of me was Harry, with a diamond ring in his hand.



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