Let's Make A Move (1D)


Savannah is off to London. Things with her and Harry carry on, but being in a new country with a new responsiblity takes Savannah to a dark place. Can she and Harry make it through struggles they never thought they'd face together?
Also a reminder, This story is very much rated R. Read cautiously. xo


15. Rehersals

I walked hand in hand with Harry as we entered the back of a huge warehouse looking building. Inside it was very open, and very tall. Speakers filled the room. In the center of the room stood Louis and Niall. It looked like Louis was trying to teach Niall some sort of dance.

"Savannah!" Louis shouted from where he stood. Niall looked up and didn't seem as excited to see me as Louis did.

"Hey Lou." I shyly said as we approuched them.

"Beautiful, as always." he said tugging on a strand of my curls. "Oh hey Harold." he said punching Harry in the arm. Harry let go of my hand a proceeded to tackle Louis to the ground. I looked up at Niall, a little afraid.

"I'm sorry about last night." I started. "I shouldn't have put you in the middle of things.."

"Just stop." He said holding his hand up. "I argued with myself all night after I dropped you off. I do know you love him, Harry I mean. And I should have put myself in your shoes. Just promise me one thing."

I was holding my breath. behind him Harry and Louis wrestled on the ground grunting and laughing.

"Promise me you wont go jumping in cars anymore with whoever asks you." He grinned.

I exhaled loudly and hugged him tight. "Promise." I whispered in his ear.

"What are you two so happy about?" Louis interrupted

I let go of Niall. "Lucy, she'll be here today." I lied, even though I was very much indeed happy about that.

Niall blushed. He really was excited about her coming. I was happy for them.

"My Mum should be here soon." Harry said joining us.

As we all looked through the door, in walked Liam and Zayn. My heart started pounding when Liam's eyes spotted me. They walked to us, joining our reunion.

"Last rehersal yeah!" Zayn shouted giving all the guys high fives.

"Let's do this!" Niall shouted.

They all began to get themselves settled in. Liam never said a word, he just walked over to a mic and began singing. The rest of them, except harry joined in.

Harry handed me his cell phone. "Here, Let all my calls go to voicemail."

"okay..." i agreed.

"You can sit over on that couch, or just do whatever. Make yourself at home." he smiled and then kissed me quickly on my lips, before running over to join the guys.

I walked over to the couch, which was several feet away from the boys and sat down. I watched them sing and goof off. They were pretty much used to their routine, so it was a lot of horse play. I kept my eyes on Harry for the most part.

After about an hour of that Louis screamed, "Intermission, Harry? would you like to take it away."

Harry didnt act like he thought Louis was funny. "I'd like to take you away." he said walking over and laying down across my lap. "Where's my Mum?!" he moined.

"Here I am!" her voice came from the back door. Harry raised up and jump off the couch, running her way. He picked her up and spun her around. I noticed a girl standing beside her who i reconized from pictures in Harry's home. It was his sister. "Suprise!" she smiled, and he picked her up hugging her as well. "All the women I love are here. Come." he said to me. I smiled and walked over to greet them.

"Savannah, this is my mum, Anne and my sister Gemma."

Anne pulled me into a tight hug. "Finally!" she sighed. I squeezed her back.

"I'm so happy to finally meet you! And Gemma! hi, i've heard so many things about you." I said hugging his sister.

"Hopefully all good things." She said eyeing Harry as she pulled away from our hug.

"Always." Harry smiled.

We laughed.

Anne and Gemma went to say Hi to the rest of the boys, while Harry and I walked outside for a bit.

There was some fans across the street waiting for any signs of the boys. They got a little rowdy when they spotted Harry. he chose to ignore them this time.

"I'm so excited for our show tomorrow." he said pulling me in circles by my hands. Was he trying to dance with me?

"Me too. Last time I saw One Direction live, one of the guys in the band kissed me in the crowd. Totally cheesy." I said teasing. He took me by one hand and spun me under his arm and then slowly dipped me leaning over me.

"hey, I heard she fell for it." He said kissing my nose and then standing me back up straight. I felt a little light headed from our spinning.

my phone rang at that moment bringing me back to reality and away from that world Harry and I flew to sometimes. It was my meeting call. "Gotta take this." I frowned. Harry kissed me on the lips slowly, leaving me only to push him away so i wouldn't miss my call. The fans standing out went crazy watching us.

"Hello, Savanah Ryan speaking." I answered my phone.



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