Let's Make A Move (1D)


Savannah is off to London. Things with her and Harry carry on, but being in a new country with a new responsiblity takes Savannah to a dark place. Can she and Harry make it through struggles they never thought they'd face together?
Also a reminder, This story is very much rated R. Read cautiously. xo


27. Malik

I opened the door to our loft, taking off Clooneys leash. She barked and took off running into the loft out of my sight. I could hear voices coming from our bar. Is Harry home? I thought to myself. Before I could investigate, he came out in to the open.

"Sorry babe." He walked up to me, greeting me with a quick kiss. "I should have called. Zayn is here. We decided to just have some drinks here, that way we don't send the media into a frizzy." He said rubbing up and down my arms.

"Oh.. um its okay." I reassured him. He let me go.

"Come have a drink." He said pulling me by my hand.

Taking my coat off as I walked into our bar, I saw Zayn for the first time in months.

Hair Dyed White, nose pierced. He sat at the end of the bar sipping on what looked to be jack and Coke I guessed.

I smiled. "Hey stranger."

He stood up, walked over to me and hugged me tight, kissing my forehead. He smelt of cigars. I held on tight to him feeling a wave of emotion take over me. DO NOT CRY. I told myself.

"Ah alright now, don't get all sappy over meh." He said to me holding my face.

Harry laughed

"Shut up Malik, I've fucking missed you." I wept

"Zayn was just telling me about his album." Harry interrupted.

"OH yeah!" I shouted

we sat back down with Harry at the bar. Harry placing a hand on my thigh.

"Yeah, its bout ready now." he smiled.

"That's exciting. Are you nervous?" I asked him.

"Yeah a bit." he chuckled. "Harry here wants to hear it first, ill email him a copy tonight."

"Sweet!" Harry smiled.

I wanted to let them two catch up so I dismissed myself to go cook dinner.

I made myself busy in the kitchen, not wanting to get anymore emotional over how much everything had changed over the years. The only thing that had stayed the same was Harry and I, and that gave me hope.

Our wedding was almost completely ready. Nothing too over the top. We wanted something small but romantic. We would get married at a beautiful house in Newport, Rhode Island late next Spring. My bridesmaids would be a few family members and Gemma. My maid of Honor was Lucy. Even though we weren't as close it had to be her. Harry's Groomsman would be the boys, including Zayn. His best man, his Father. It was going to be one interesting function.

Harry and Zayn joined me in the kitchen.

"Smell's good love." Harry pronounced.

"Its just grilled chicken and veggies." I laughed.

"Well if you made it, I love it." he teased.

Zayn laughed.

"He never tells me when I've made something bad." I told zayn.

"Because I haven't hated anything you've cooked yet." he smiled. "That's why I  am marrying you." he teased.

Zayn's phone ringed. He looked at the screen and glanced up. "Ive got to take this."

We nodded.

Harry came around behind me to wrap his arms around my waist as I stirred the Veggies in the skillet. Zayn walked into our den. We couldn't help but listen in silence.

"Yeah babe."


"Yes, I will...we will."


"I promise, soon enough."


"Its alright, ill call you later then."


"Love you too."

he hung up and walked back in to the kitchen.

"I better go." he said to us.

"You don't want to stay for dinner?" I asked him.

"id love to but im only in the states for a few days and Ive got a red eye tonight." he shrugged. "Soon though,  it was good seeing you two love birds again." he smiled walking towards the door.

"Love you Zayn!" Harry shouted.

"Yeah, man, I love you too." he waved walking out.

Harry let go of me and leaned against the counter.

"Wonder who he was talking to." He said to me

"Someone he loves too apparently." I said not looking at him but focusing on our meal.

"huh" was all I heard out of him in response to that.

"Well hurry up, I'm starving!" he said smacking me on my bum.

"Hey" I jumped.

Harry took one hand placed it between my thighs causing me to inhale deeply.

"And I'm not hungry for food, so lets hurry up and get that over with too." he said into my hear, giving me chills up my spine.

I loved that man. He had a way with me and knew all my buttons.

I quickly finished cooking and we basically ate a few bites, too much in a hurry to devour each other.


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