Let's Make A Move (1D)


Savannah is off to London. Things with her and Harry carry on, but being in a new country with a new responsiblity takes Savannah to a dark place. Can she and Harry make it through struggles they never thought they'd face together?
Also a reminder, This story is very much rated R. Read cautiously. xo


9. Lying

I layed on the couch with Harry. We were both under a blanket together.

"So what did you do all day?" he asked me.

"First I slept in. Then I woke up alone." I said frowning. He kissed my lips.

"What else?"

"I...Watched Gone With The Wind. And slept some more." I lied a little, never mentioning that Liam was here. I figured since he lied to me about his day then we could be even.

Harry squeezed me closer to him.

"I could lay with you forever."

I let him hold me and forbid myself from crying infront of him again.

We layed there for a long time. Just cuddling eachother. My phone buzzed. Liam was the first thing that came to mind, causing me to panic a little. Harry picked up my phone and handed it to, never looking at the screen.

I sighed with relief seeing it was only a text from Lucy.

"They said YES! I'm flying out in the morning!!"

I smiled and showed it to Harry.

"That's great. I really can't wait for that show. You girls are going to have a blast." He said to me.

I smiled. I was glad Lucy was coming. Niall would be so happy. 

I pulled away from Harry's grip. "I better get ready to go out with El." i said stretching.

"What will I do while your gone?" he said sticking out his bottom lip.

"AWW.." i moaned grabbing both sides of his face. I gave him a sweet kiss on his lips.

"Call Niall." i said smiling. and walked to his bedroom.

After about fouty five minutes of trying to get ready, while Harry trying to distract me. I was finally ready. EL was picking me up here and we were going.

She was there about ten minutes after I was done getting ready. Neither of us dressed fancy by all means. I had on black skinny jeans with gray boots, and a white shirt with a gray and black striped cardigan. El was wearing a light pink sweater and white skinny jeans. Her hair was in an adorable sock bun.

The car ride was short. We went to a cozy little resturant that served mostly pastas. We had a table in the back because she said that the paps were worse since the boys got back. And she was right. They followed us til we entered the resturant, where they waited at the doors and windows.

Once we were seated I began my rant.

"I'm messed up in the head." I started, My southern accent really getting the best of me.

Eleanor laughed at first, then realized I wasn't being funny. "What's wrong?"

"This morning I paniced when Harry wasn't there when I woke up. It was bad. I cried and I doubted myself. Then you guys went all weird on me. I know something is up. I swear I can feel it."

Her eyes were huge. "Whoa Whoa Whoa..." she said holding her hand up to stop me.

"Nothing is going on Sav. You need to calm down." she said.

The waiter came and asked what we wanted to drink. He was a younger man, maybe early twenties. I told him I wanted a water and El did as well.

"I did something bad today." I said to her when the waiter walked off. "Something that I need to get out and I'm scared to tell you because I know you will hate me and never want to speak to me again."

"Savannah, you can tell me anything. I know things can get tough, trust me." she said looking concerned.

I looked down at the table. My hands were shaking. My heart felt like it was going to bust out of my chest and run for it. I swallowed really hard. El was patiently watching me waiting on me to continue. What if she told Louis and then he told Harry. I didn't want to lose Harry, ever. What I did was a horrible mistake. I had started crying. El had made her way over to sit down beside me. Her arm was over my shoulder.

"Savannah you don't  have to tell me you know. It's ok." she said. "Just promise me your not hurting yourself."

I looked up and hugged her. "I promise."

"Good." she smiled.

"Thank you for being such a great friend." I told her. She really was. El wouldn't hurt a fly.

She went back to her seat across from me.

We had got our food and was done eating. We were chit chatting at our table when we heard someone yell our names and come over our way. Danielle.

I felt like throwing up everything I had just ate.

"Hey ladies." she said sitting down beside El. They hugged.

She was there with a girlfriend of hers.

"Have you spoke to Liam?" she asked us.

"I haven't." El said shrugging,

"What about you, Sav?" Dani asked smiling.

"He's been around." I said trying to keep it cool.

"How is he?" she continued.

"Oh, he's great." I lied. Wait, why did I just lie to her. She was my friend.

"Oh." she said frowning. "That's good."

I just smiled. I felt so awkward. Almost like she knew something was going on. But of course she didn't. I was just being my usual paranoid self.

"Well I better get back to Kate." she said pointing behind her. "Love you Guys." she said hugging us and then leaving.

It was late, so El and I decided to call it a night. She dropped me off outside Harry's buliding and left. I had just made it in the lobby when I recieved a text. I checked it before I entered the elevator. It was from Liam.

"I want to see you." I read.

My heart started racing, and I immediatly felt a lump in my throat. Was he crazy? I stood in the elevator with the doors closed. It was waiting on me to press a floor.My  finger lingered over the button to Harry's floor. Instead, for some crazy insane reason, I pressed 'Door Open' and walked back into the lobby and out the front doors.



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