Let's Make A Move (1D)


Savannah is off to London. Things with her and Harry carry on, but being in a new country with a new responsiblity takes Savannah to a dark place. Can she and Harry make it through struggles they never thought they'd face together?
Also a reminder, This story is very much rated R. Read cautiously. xo


26. Long Time Coming

The date is December 20th. The year is 2015. A lot has changed in my world. I'm still with Harry, still has in love as I was 4 years ago. but other than that, everything that once was my world has taken a 360 turn for total heartbreak.

4 years later, 4 new albums later, 3 world tours later, 2 dvds later. I sit in my office, staring at a picture of Harry and I on my desk. In the past 4 years, I have become owner of all the salons my former boss owned. We opened a new salon in NYC, which is where Harry and I reside now. I am a multi-Million dollar hair tycoon and my fiancé (yes no wedding yet), wont even let me cut his hair. It now dangles past his shoulders in beautiful curl untamed locks, that I have learned to love as much as the man.

My phone rings, breaking me from my daydream. It was Harry.

"Hey babe" I answer

"Hey love, I have a favor to ask?" He sounded scared.

"Okay, shoot!" I replied closing my eyes to listen to his voice on the other line.

"Do you care to pick up Clooney from the cleaners this afternoon when you're on your way home, Zayn wants to meet up to talk over drinks later and I couldn't tell him No."

Clooney was our dog. We've had her for 2 years now since she was a pup.

"Sure babe. I hope its a good talk."

He sighed, "Me too, and babe?"

"Yes?" I waited

"Can we keep this between you and me?" He begged.

"Always. I love you." I kissed into the phone.

"I love you too. See you tonight." He hung up.

The band had just started a hiatus. The world was shocked when they announced it but the boys were exhausted. They had no time for any personal lives, no family time. Just album, tour, album, tour and so on.

Zayn had left the band a year before the hiatus. Dumped Perrie shortly after that. That was a rough time for Harry. He was heart broken, and so were the other boys. I hadn't heard from him since, but Harry had. Harry, being the tinder hearted one in the band secretly kept in touch with Zayn. No one in the world knew except me. He hadn;t spent any time with Zayn so I'm guessing tonight was a big deal.

As for the other guys, Niall was no longer with Lucy. That was hard. I loved Niall and I loved Lucy even more. Lucy and I hadn't been as close after I moved to London, and Then to New York. She was in her last year in college, and was about to study abroad, Brazil I think. Niall dated a bit here and there but never anything serious. he is mostly the same old guy he was 4 years ago.

Louis and El broke up shortly after Harry proposed to me. Harry and Louis had a falling out but Harry never wants to talk to me or anyone else about it. It didn't affect the band in any way, they just were not the happy best friends they were before. After El, Louis concentrated on writing music. He wrote a lot on their next albums. He also concentrated on women. He was always in the tabloids getting caught by the paps leaving club after club with different women. He had an ongoing fling with one of the stylist for an opening band on their last tour. Now she is pregnant by him. I'm not very close with her but she seems nice.

As for Liam, he dated for about a year after harry proposed to me. he eventually ended up dating a girl he went to school with named Sophia. I thought she was the one. She and I got very close. I never told her or anyone else about what had happened between Liam and I. They had just recently broke up for no reason it seemed. I missed her. I missed Liam too. We were never close again. Harry has been under the impression that we just don't care for each others company and it just goes unspoken between all of us. I still catch Liam staring at me from time to time though and it breaks my heart a little. My heart that belongs to Harry.

So, with all that said. This hiatus was something we all needed.

I packed up my things and left my office. Walking out into the New York air was cold. I wrapped my coat around me tight and made my way for the subway. I loved NYC, everything about it. It was about an 20 minute Subway ride to pick up Clooney from my office.

Clooney was a Golden Retriever. We loved her. She was ready to go when I got there, leash and all jumping almost knocking me down when I walked in.

"Thanks again Mrs. Javaad, We'll see you in 3 weeks?" 

"Yes miss Savannah, I'll email you the appointment information right away." She said in her thick Kurdish accent.

I walked back into the cold with Clooney attached to her leash. It was just a few blocks away to our loft. As we made our way home, snow started to fall from the sky.

"Look Clooney, we might just have a white Christmas after all!"

The doorman Miguel was waiting with the door when we arrived, "Mrs. Styles." He nodded.

I rolled my eyes walking past him.

"Not yet" I shouted back to.

As I walked into the elevator Clooney rubbed up against my leg.

"You're the only lady Styles living in this building." I pouted.



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