Let's Make A Move (1D)


Savannah is off to London. Things with her and Harry carry on, but being in a new country with a new responsiblity takes Savannah to a dark place. Can she and Harry make it through struggles they never thought they'd face together?
Also a reminder, This story is very much rated R. Read cautiously. xo


18. In Love

I woke up soaking wet in Harry's sweat. That was good! Means he burned off his fever through the night. I slipped off my wet t-shirt and found a clean shirt of his to put on. I slid on my shorts and snuck out to the hall.

"Good morning lovely." I heard from the kitchen.

I made my way through the hall and into the kitchen. I smiled. Anne and Gemma sat at the bar in the kitchen sipping on coffee.

"You look like you had a rough night." Gemma laughed.

Anne slapped her arm. "Yeah, she was busy taking care of your brother."

"Hey! Don't hit me." Gemma laughed again getting up. "Savannah, you want some coffee, tea?"

"Tea would be nice" I smiled.

Gemma went to fix the tea as I sat at the bar to join them.

"He put up a fight for a minute there." I said yawning.

They laughed, "He always does." Anne said.

Gemma handed me a glass of tea. "Thank you." I said.

"No problem." she smiled sitting back down with us.

"His fever seems gone. I hope he feels okay for the show tonight."  I said looking down at my glass.

"HE WILL" they both yelled startling me.

I looked up at them with wide eyes.

"I mean," Anne hesitated biting her lip. "He usually gets over things pretty fast."

Gemma shook her head. "Why...don't you go check on him. Wake him up in fact." she said.

I looked at both of them. Something seemed off. "Okay... I'll take him my tea." I went walking back to his room.

He was exactly where I had left him. I sat the tea down beside the bed and layed back down next to him.

"Harry..." I said rubbing his eyelids.

"huh??" he moaned not opening his eyes.

I leaned up and kissed each eyelid. He then grabbed my neck, not letting me leave his head. He pulled me down to his eye level.

"Thank You." he whispered.

"It was my pleasure." I said kissing his nose.

"Can you wake me like that every morning?" he groaned stretching.

"I just might." I said smiling. "I brought you some Tea."

He took it and chugged it. "Gemma made this, I can tell." he smiled.

He sat the glass down and turned over to face me. He started kissing my hands.

"You said something in your sleep last night." I stated as he held my hand.

"What did I say?"

"You said, 'She's Perfect.' Who is she?" I said curiously.

He looked down and smiled.

"Tell me!" I begged.

"I had a dream we had a daughter together, and she was perfect." he said looking up at me. "She looked just like you."

I sighed. This boy knew exactly all the right things to make me fall more and more in love with him.

"I want to have children with you one day Savannah." he continued. "Like 12 kids."

I laughed, "Maybe 3 okay."

"How about 9?" he pushed.


"Okay 4, it is then." he laughed.

"You sure do seem awfully better Styles." I sad patting his belly.

"I am. Thanks to you." he said kissing my hand again.

"I'm glad you wanted me." I said laying my head on his chest.


When we both finally got out of bed for good, we took a long bath together. I washed Harry from head to toe. I didn't mind pampering him. Today was his day. Everyone he knew in England would be at his show tonight. I was nervous for him.

I still hadn't pushed everything that had happened with Liam out of my mind. It happened and it is what it is. I was just going to never mention it to anyone else and let it be. Hopefully our friendship would be savaged.

The boys had to be at the arena around noon and it was already 11.

"You coming with me?" he asked.

"I'll probably meet up with Lucy first, if that's okay."

He looked down. "Yeah, I'll miss you." He kissed me as he was leaving. "See you before the show!"

"Hopefully sooner!"


I went to my flat to pick up Lucy. Niall had hitched a ride so that we could use his car. Lucy was getting ready when I walked in. "How's Harry?" she asked.

"He's perfect now." I smiled.

"Good." she smiled. "Does this look okay?" she Asked spinning around in a floral dress. Her hair was more golden than it was last summer.

"You look gorgeous Luce." I smiled.

"Niall told me he loved me last night." she said

My heart felt swollen for her. "Luce." I walked to her hugging her tight.

"Sav." she sighed. "I don't think I can leave him." she stared with watery eyes. "I'm in love with him."

"I know how you feel. When Harry is gone, I literally feel like I'm dying." I said

"What do I do?" she begged.

"You love him. That's all you can do." I answered the best I could.

She started to cry.

"Look Luce we'll figure something out. But tonight I want you to have fun." I smiled.

She smiled back. "You better get dressed." she laughed.

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