Let's Make A Move (1D)


Savannah is off to London. Things with her and Harry carry on, but being in a new country with a new responsiblity takes Savannah to a dark place. Can she and Harry make it through struggles they never thought they'd face together?
Also a reminder, This story is very much rated R. Read cautiously. xo


1. Desperation

I sat in the floor of my new, empty "Flat". Thats what they call it here. I've been here in London for a week now. I haven't unpacked a thing. My mattress sits on the floor with a few pillows and a blanket thrown on it. It had been exactly a month since I had been with Harry. We had started off talking on the phone every night. We even skyped and facetimed here and there. But since I've been in England with him still in The US, its been hard to talk with the time difference. I was so busy during the day, at night I literally came home to crash.

Danielle had called me and asked if she could come over. No one had been here excpet me. I was ashamed of what the place looked like. Not the structure or anything, the flat was nice. Carla made sure I was in a good place. I just couldn't find the erge to unpack and decorate. I had made a cup of coffee and sat waiting on Danielle.

10 minutes later she buzzed downstairs and I let her in. The door was unlocked so she helped herself in.

"Sav." She ran to me. Grabbing me in a hug.

I hugged her tight, realizing she wasn't attempting to let go.

"Dani?" I squeeled in her hold. "Are you ok?"

She buried her face in my shoulder and quietly cried.

I grabbed her face and made her look at me.

"What happened?" I begged.

"Liam and I broke it off with one another." she mumbled.

I hugged her. rubbing her shoulder. "I'm sorry, what for?" I asked.

I pulled up a stool by my kitchen bar and forced her to sit.

"It was a mutal decison. We are both too busy and our minds are in different places." she said sniffling her nose. "It just hurts, you know. My heart. I love Liam, and always will. Its just on my mind all the time."

"I know. My heart hurts everyday." I sighed.

"I just need some girl time." she smiled.

"have you talked to El?" I asked her.

"Yes. I made her promise not to say anything. She understands."

"Yeah, a lot of people are going to be asking questions." I said.

"Has Harry mentioned anything to you? about Liam." she asked me.

"Nope. He has been really short with me lately. Can't say I've been any better at communicating either. I don't know whats wrong with me." I said taking a sip of my coffee.

"What is wrong with you?" she said sympathetically looking me up and down.

"What?" I said confused.

"You've lost some weight girl. A lot." she said

I looked down at my body. I hadn't thought about it much.

"Not much of an appetite lately, I guess." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Savannah thats not very healthy." she urged me.

"I know. I just feel like sometimes when I eat. I feel sick."

She grabbed my hand, squeezing it. "Have you seen a doctor?"

Why was this such a big deal. I was a thick girl, can't a girl lose some weight without everyone bugging her about it. I pulled my hand from her grip. "No, I haven't. And I'm not going to. Look, I'll eat a cheesebuger and gain it all back Ok?" I said sounding offended.

"I'm sorry Savannah." she said looking upset agian.

"Let's just not talk about it anymore ok." i begged.

We then changed the subject. Of course she asked me about my flat being empty and why I havent done anything to the place. I didn't want to get into that either. We decided to call El and Perrie and invite them over. When they knocked on my door I skipped a little cheerful to great them. When I opened the door they stood and cheered. El holding up a magazine. Oh no! It was our Cosmo shoot.

"Suprise. Look what went on stands today!" Perrie shouted.

"Kill me now." I said rolling my eyes.

"No! Its good. All good things." El smiled. "Anyways I've missed you." she said hugging me.

"I've missed you too." I said thinking to myself that I missed no one as much as I missed Harry.

Perrie hugged me next, kissing my cheek. I saw Dani whisper something in El's ear but I didn't push it. 

We all sat at my bar and looked through the magazine. We all looked beautiful. Lucy looked wonderful. I missed her too. She was back home, probably in class at this very moment.

Dani looked very upset as we read her part. To my suprise, my part in the article wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be the day we did it. I sound confident and in charge. I was at that time. Now I felt lost and alone. Even with these woderful girls here with me.

"Let's order some Pizza!" Perrie suggested.

I hate pizza but I didn't protest. I excused myself to my room for a moment. My phone was on my bed. I picked it up seeing a text from Harry.

"Just one more week. I miss you. x"

I sat down on my bed and began to cry. Thats what happened most days when I got a text from him. I was scared. I missed him so much and I was so afraid of how things would be once he was here. This is his home. He has everything here. It was going to be different with him here then it was in Nashville. He had his own place, his own friends, his own hangouts and routines. Where did I fit in all that?

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