Let's Make A Move (1D)


Savannah is off to London. Things with her and Harry carry on, but being in a new country with a new responsiblity takes Savannah to a dark place. Can she and Harry make it through struggles they never thought they'd face together?
Also a reminder, This story is very much rated R. Read cautiously. xo


3. Arrival

I had stossed and turned all night knowing that Harry was coming home a day earlier. I finally rolled out of my bed at 9am. There was a text on my phone from him a few  hours ago, "Getting on the plane now. See you soon. Love you. x.".

My front door opened scaring me a bit. I had forgotten that I had gave El my spare key.

"Oh" she said startled. "I thought you'd still be in bed. I was coming to wake you." She said smiling.

I laughed. "Couldn't sleep."

"Me either. May I?" she said pointing to the coffee I had just made. I shook my head.

"Help Yourself." I smiled.

"Louis called me late last night." she said pouring her a cup.

"Me too, well Harry called me of course. Wonder why they're coming home?" I asked her

"Not sure. Maybe to throw off a crowd." she said.

I poured myself a cup of coffee while El made herself comfortable on the couch. She turned on my tv and flipped through the channels. I sat down to join her.

"Are we going to the airport to meet them?" I asked.

"No! Louis told me not to and to pass it along to you and Perrie. That's why I figured they are avoiding a crowd. Perrie can't come anyways, she's working." El said.

"Ohh." i said thinking to myself. I watched as she flipped through the channels. She stopped when a clip of the boys caught her eye.

"That's my shirt." she laughed when it showed Louis walking on the street in NYC. "I've been looking for that shirt."

I laughed. Of course It was E! News. The host was talking about the boys last night in the US. Apparently they were at a tattoo shop, which didn't suprise me since Harry was already covered in them.

"Now what?" i laughed. "That boy is going to turn into a tattoo."

I didn't mind. If he liked them then that's all that mattered. as long as he kept them off his face. I never understood face tats. I had a few tattoos myself. All hidden. I had one on my foot, and one on my hip.

"Wonder who got one this time?" El asked.

"Probably Harry," I laughed. "Or Zayn."

I was just glad to be out of the spotlight. I don't think anyone was aware that I was moving to London so fast.

"They should be home soon. I don't know where they are going when they land. Lou said he'd call me."

"Harry didn't give me any details." I said looking down. "I just had a text from him this morning when he got on the plane."

"It's always like this. I feel like I never know what's going to happen until it actually happens." she smiled rolling her eyes. "And Dani keeps texting me. I feel so bad for her and Liam."

"What's she saying?" I asked.

"She's just upset, that she doesn't get to see him. He told her that he wanted all the space he can get from here." She said with a sad face.

"Oh..." was all I could say. I was lost for words with their situation. I still couldn't believe they had broke it off.

El and I spent the day together. We went shopping and I showed her where my salon was going to be. It wasn't even close to being built yet. People stopped us a few times to take pictures. There was even Paparazzi following us from street to street. I guess word would soon be out about me being here.

We were sitting at a little cafe eating when both our phones starting ringing at the same time. We laughed, knowing it was th guys.

"Hello?" I answered. Hearing El answer hers too.

"I'm in a car. Tell me where to go?" he said on the other line.

I giggled. "Umm I don't know." I said to him. "I'm with Eleanor."

"Hold on." he said. I could hear him talking to someone. It must have been Louis since El looked at me, not saying anything. "We'll meet at my place then. Eleanor will take you."

"Okay. How are you?" I asked him. and then felt stupid for asking that.

"I'm great. Can't wait to see you." He said

El was already off the phone.

"I love you." I said quietly

"I love you. Now hurry on then." He laughed. I could hear Louis shouting in the background.

"Okay bye" I said hanging up on him.

El threw a grape at me, hitting me on the cheek.

"Hey! What was that for?" I said laughing

"You and Harold!" she laughed back. "You two are too cute, please tell me you'll be able to keep your hands off eachother long enough to say Hi to everyone else."

"Oh please. We're not an old married couple like you and Louis." I teased.

"Your older than us! And we're NOT married." she said.

We got up and walked arm in arm laughing as we went to her car. We got to her car and she told me she was going to drive past my place on the way to Harry's. Just to show me the way to his place since I lived so close to him. We drove listening to the radio. Eleanor sang to the songs. Harry was sending me texts the whole time, which I chose not to respond to since he was being a tease. The first one said, "I have a BIG suprise for you;)" followed by, "I hope your not tired because I have a long night planned for you and I." and "maybe everyone wont stay over too long. I don't know if your clothes will make it very long."

I blushed at every text. I was probably killing him by not responding.

We were passing my place. "Ok now pay attention." El said.

It literally wasn't but a few blocks away. It was a fancy looking building. El pulled in and parked underground. One of their security was waiting on us and walked us inside. "This place in fairly new. No one really lives here yet." she said to me. The man left us once we entered the elevator. Eleanor pressed the button 10. "He lives at the very top. Even the roof is his." she said smiling.

I was getting nervous. This place was so nice, better than anything I had ever lived in. When the elevator opened Louis jumped in scaring both of us. He grabbed El kissing her tightly. She laughed wrapping her arms around him. "Uh huh." I said to her. "Now what was that about keeping hands off eachother?" I said teasing her. Louis looked confused. He walked over hugging me. "How's London treating ya?" he asked as we walked to The door. "Just fine." I smiled. "I missed you guys though."

"Well your boo is in there about to go crazy to see you." he said pointing at the door. "I'm gonna keep El out here to myself for a minute if you wouldn't mind."

"Okay." I said smiling.

I helped myself inside. half expecting to see Harry waiting for me. It was beautiful inside. Very White. The eastside wall was glass overlooking London. It was just a huge living area and his kitchen to the westside. I smiled seeing Liam first when I stepped in. "Hey."

"Sav." He said smiling walking over to me. He hugged me tight, not letting go. I squeezed him back, letting him know that I was here for him. "How are you Liam?" I asked into his chest.

He let me go keeping his hands on my arms. "I'm alright." he shrugged. I grabbed his hands. "I'm here for you, know that." i said giving him another squeeze. He shook his head.

"Harry is in his room. He was waiting on you and then his mum called." He said to me.

"Oh, where's everyone else?"

"Niall is passed out in the guestroom, and Zayn went to find Perrie."

"I see." I said smiling. I felt shy in Harry's house. I was always like that when I first went to someone's place.

"You can go in there. He wont mind." Liam said looking down at me.

"I'll just wait." I said looking around the place. Everything looked unntouched. There was a glass of water on the kitchen counter that had probably been there before he went to America. I walked over and looked at a picture on the sink. It was of him and his sister. I wondered if I'd ever meet her.

"Looks just like him doesn't it." Liam said.

I giggled, "Yeah. She's pretty, just like him."

Liam laughed. "Do you have any siblings?" he asked me.

"Nope. Lucy's the closest thing I have to a sister." I smiled.

"I have sister's." Liam said smiling. "And I guess you can say I have 4 brothers." he laughed.

"Yeah. Me too." I said smiling. I walked over to the glass wall looking out at London.

"It's so pretty. I think I have found my favorite spot here." I said pointing to where I stood.

"Wait til you see the roof." Liam said standing with his hands in his pockets. I looked at him. He looked sad. I felt bad for him.

"Do you want to show me?" I asked.



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