these are just imagines for you guys. Comment your name,who you want, and how you want it(if you know what i mean;))


4. Liam imagine Aliya

 You and Liam have been bestfriends since forever until you had to move away in the 4th Grade, because your dad got a new job. You had feelings for him and you still do.

 One day you were walking into a grocer store to get some milk. While you were in the section, you hear someone call your name. You look over to see who it was and it was Liam.The Liam that you missed and loved. You stopped what you were doing and ran over to him."Liam,I've missed you so much." You say almost in tears."I've missed you alot to, Aliya,and there's something I want to tell you."he says while looking deeply in your eyes. He doesnt even hesitate to say it"Aliya, I've loved you ever since 1st grade,and when you moved away, I was heartbroken. I havent loved anyone as much as I love you." Thoughs three last words killed you.All you could say back was"I love you too." His smile spread across his whole face.He grabed your face then kissed you. "I will never stop loving you Aliya." Liam whispered in your ear.

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