these are just imagines for you guys. Comment your name,who you want, and how you want it(if you know what i mean;))


2. Harry Imagine for Erica

 You were walking down the streets of Londen heading to Starbucks for your morning cup of tea. It was pretty empty so you knew you wouldnt have to wait. you walk in and order some Yorkshire tea. you sit down at a table all by yourself when you watch someone watching you. You try to ignore it but it keeps bothering you. You turn to see who it was and it was Harry Styles for One Direction. He gets up from his seat and walks over to you. "Hello, I'm..." you cut him off by saying "I know, your Harry Styles, I'm Erica." "What a lovely name Erica." He says in his sexy british accent. He glabs your face and before you know it, Harry put his soft lips on yours. "Erica, I know we've only known eachother for a few minutes but I think I love you." He tells you. "I love you to." Is all you can say.

 Yall have now been together for two monthes. Congratulations:)

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