these are just imagines for you guys. Comment your name,who you want, and how you want it(if you know what i mean;))


7. Harry Imagine for Dana

  I was sitting on the couch, holding my mouth. The pregnacy test laying in my hand. How was I supposed to tell Harry this. That he is going to be a father. He will probably leave me. I started bawling. I didnt know what I would do without him.

I heard the door open."I'm home D-, hey,whats wrong?" Harry asked concerned.I cried even harder,dropping the test. He walks over picking up the stick. I looked up at him still crying."Is this what your crying about?"Tears welling up in his eyes.All I could do is nod my head."I-I th-thought you wo-would l-leave me-e!" "Dana,I would never leave you. Your to special to let go,plus having a specialguy along the way." He smiled getting down on his knees."Hello little guy,I'm your daddy."He says with tears in his eyes.I start laughing while trying to stop the tears.He did that for the rest of the night while I started thinking of baby names.

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