When they walked in

Rachel McDean just moved with her mom, Darla, and her brother, Seth, from Dallas,Texas all the way to Huntington Beach, California. She's lived in the same town all her life and told her mom it was time for a change. She got a new job at an arena and that's when they walked in. Meaning into her life for better or for worse.


3. Introductions & Jealousy

Rachel's pov:

I was walking over to introduce myself trying to keep my cool. Literally the biggest boyband in the world was standing just across the room from me. I was holding my clipboard trying be professional, but I failed miserably. I tripped over my own foot dropping my clipboard and falling into Harry's arms.

I don't think my face had ever turned such a deep shade of red.

As he was helping me to my feet he said "Are you okay love?" in that most amazing british accent.

I melted at the sound.

Harry's pov:

As the beautiful blonde came towards us she lost her balance. I acted fast and caught her in my arms. She was blushing and I could tell she was embarrassed, so I asked if she was okay. She got back to her feet replying yes. She then tried to become professional again, but she was so cute none of us could take her too seriously.

The more I looked at her, the more I wanted her.

Rachel's pov:

I tried to keep my cool. I decided to tell them my name then give them a tour of the arena. I said "Hi boys my name is Rachel. I'm going to be your supervisor for the next 2 months." I felt like a loser. Then I realized Harry gawking at me and my confidence returned.

"Alright, lets start the tour of the stadium." At that we set off.

Louis' pov:

Harry was pulling moves on Rachel as soon as she came towards us. I could see Niall's face become sad. Harry always got the girl.

Just to make it seem less like it's only Harry talking I went up to make an impression on Rachel.

Rachel's pov:

All of a sudden Louis came bounding up beside me and began talking about how exciting he is about staying in one place for two months. Before I knew it Liam joined the conversation, as well as Zayn. Harry and Niall seemed to hover behind all of us, whispering back and forth about something.

Niall's pov:

The rest if the boys were talking to Rachel except Harry. He was walking behind everyone with me. He leans over and whispers are you alright? I reply and say yeah. I was lying.

Nothing was okay, the girl of my dreams was in my reach, but I could never beat Harry.


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