When they walked in

Rachel McDean just moved with her mom, Darla, and her brother, Seth, from Dallas,Texas all the way to Huntington Beach, California. She's lived in the same town all her life and told her mom it was time for a change. She got a new job at an arena and that's when they walked in. Meaning into her life for better or for worse.


2. First Impressions

Harry's pov:

We had just arrived at Orange County airport. The lads and I were told it would be about 30 minutes to the arena. I was actually very excited I always enjoy being in California with the lads. They really were my best friends there was nothing fake about that. I think we were going to the Huntington Beach arena. Paul, our bodyguard, told us we would have a rehearsal and show supervisor, he said she was new so we weren't sure what her name was or what she looked like.

As I kept picturing her in my brain, time flew and before I knew it our cab had pulled up to the arena. We were escorted to the doors and as soon as they were opened, I could't believe my eyes.

She was gorgeous. She had long, curly, golden hair. She wasn't too tall or too thin. She was perfect.

I knew that there was a reason we were meeting and it was a good reason.


Niall's pov:

We walked through the doors and my eyes went directly to a gorgeous blonde. She had long, curly, golden hair and seemed to have some southern charm to her. She wasn't too skinny or too tall. She was amazing, just amazing.

That's when I realized Harry noticed her to. His eyes were locked on her like she was his prey, but I saw softness in his eyes and face. Like he knew in his brain she would be something special to him. I guess I wasn't going to get this girl. There's no competing with Harry, he always gets the girl with his dimples and charm.

Maybe this time she would be mine, but not likely.


Louis' pov:

I could see Harry studying the beautiful blonde that was near the door when we walked in. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her. I also saw Niall taking glances at her then looking to Harry almost thinking wow I'll never get a girl of my own. This was going to be interesting I could tell right from the beginning.


Rachel's pov:

I couldn't believe One direction was actually standing in front of me. I felt my mouth falling open and I quickly contained myself from fangirling.  That's when I realized Harry was staring at me, I turned to look at him. Our eyes met and butterflies instantly filled my entire body. He blushed and turned away, I felt a small smile creep to my face. I had a feeling One Direction were the next performers and I would be spending a lot of time with them, because I soon found out that they were going to be here for 2 months that's the whole summer.

I had a feeling the time we would spend together was going to impact my life in many ways.

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