When they walked in

Rachel McDean just moved with her mom, Darla, and her brother, Seth, from Dallas,Texas all the way to Huntington Beach, California. She's lived in the same town all her life and told her mom it was time for a change. She got a new job at an arena and that's when they walked in. Meaning into her life for better or for worse.


1. First day on the job

Rachels point of view:

*Beep* Beep* Beep* my alarm clock went off. It's 6:15 in the morning.

"Time for my first day of work" I whispered to myself.

I have never worked at an arena where famous bands and people perform music before. I have to say I was pretty excited. Today at work I would be receiving the schedule for the up and coming performers. I am a huge fan of One Direction, and inside I really wanted te next performers to be them. Just last year I graduated from highschool, I'm 18 now and my brother, Seth, is 2 years older. He's a great brother he's kind of had to fill in for my dad since he left us when I was only 3 and Seth was 5. Ever since then me and Seth have been really close, but sometimes he's a little protective. Every time I bring home a boy there's always something wrong with him, I don't know if anyone will ever be good enough.Our mom, Darla, still remains distant she did really love our dad.

I finally got out of bed, went into the bathroom, and began to brush my long golden hair. I have actually always liked my hair its long and flows into ringlets at the bottom. I'm pretty short for my age I'm about 5'2". After brushing my hair and teeth I went into my closet to find the perfect first day outfit. I grabbed a cute purple half-sleaved button up shirt and some dark denim high-wasted shorts and some flowery sandals. After I put my closes on I headed back to the bathroom and added a light touch of makeup. PERFECT! I was ready. I ran downstairs and saw Seth waiting for me in the kitchen.

"Your going to be late for your first day of work." He said tapping his watch with a smirk on his face. I just stuck my tongue out at him and headed for the door.

"Tell mom I left for work!" I yelled back to him.

"Yeah Yeah whatever" was all I got in reply.

I just shrugged him off and hopped on my beach bike. The arena was just around the corner so it should take me only 5 minutes to get there. Before I knew it I had arrived and I was being escorted through the door by my manager. I was told I would be incharge of checking in the performers and making sure their practices and shows run smoothly. Right about then I was starting to get antcy,

I wanted to know the performance schedule. I was beginning to walk to my managers office to ask him for it so I plan ahead and make sure I was 100% percent available.

That's when they walked in.

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