The Crazy Girl Caused It

Hope Green is an ordinary girl who loves One Direction. She is 19, has blonde hair, blue eyes, and fancies Niall. When she gets tickets to go to one of their concerts, a crazy girl threatens her and hit her across the face with a thick tree branch and is tossed over the gate. She is instantly knocked out. One of the members sees her and helps her. Will they fall in love?


4. Best Of Friends

(Niall's POV)
Hope and I have been getting along real well lately. I really like her. I don't think she feels the same way though. The only other person who knows I like Hope is Liam. He's like a brother so I tell him everything.I invited Hope back to my house to hang out.

"Niall I'm here!" I heard her yell.

"Great. Wanna get some coffee?" I said while coming down the stairs.


We walked and talked on the way there. I know she plays guitar, LOVES Chinese food, and thinks accents are adorable. When we got to the cafe I told her to find a table while I get the coffees. I know her favorite so she didn't have to tell me. I ordered and brought them to where she was sitting.

"So how are you doing lately?" I asked her. She looked down.

"My friend is in the hospital because of some drunk driver. He almost killed her but luckily she won't die"

"Oh I'm sorry Hope, I hope she gets better soon." I said while taking a sip of my coffee.

We got to know each other better. She was out if her body cast and her face had healed. I think she is so beautiful. Nothing will keep me from loving how she laughs. It's just like mine! I can tell something is different between us just by looking in her eyes.
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