The Crazy Girl Caused It

Hope Green is an ordinary girl who loves One Direction. She is 19, has blonde hair, blue eyes, and fancies Niall. When she gets tickets to go to one of their concerts, a crazy girl threatens her and hit her across the face with a thick tree branch and is tossed over the gate. She is instantly knocked out. One of the members sees her and helps her. Will they fall in love?


1. The Tickets

(Hope's POV)
I'm Hope Green. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and love One Direction. I love Niall the most out of the band because he has the cutest personality. I really want to go to one of their concerts. I'm 19 so I can drive myself and etc. you know.

I was online looking for One Direction tickets. I saw there was one where I live tomorrow and it wasn't sold out yet so I bought them. I soon enough called my friends to tell them I couldn't hang out with them. They absolutely hated them.

(A/N): Sorry it's a short chapter. I need to speed up the story a little to get to the climax (language arts is getting to my head. Go plot peak!). The next chapter will be in the place where the description says. Bye my little leprechauns!
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