Best Job Ever

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  • Published: 21 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 22 Nov 2013
  • Status: Complete
What happens when a simple job interview brings you face to face with the love of your life? Meet Brooke, a 20 year old American, in England for college, studying at the prestigious Oxford University. It's summertime and she applies for a job as a maid and cook. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. This job takes her through twists and turns, love and heartbreak, but best of all, she gets 4 new best friends/brothers and a sole mate. A job this amazing can only be described as the "Best Job Ever". WARNING: Some chapter have elements that can be triggering. And LANGUAGE! Some chapters have a lot of cursing. xxBo<3


18. The Reunion


Liam put his arm around me while Ashely and the crew stare in shock. Finally, Ashely says “How much is she paying you? It can’t be very much you know with her mom in the hospital.” The crew snickers. They didn’t… Sarah and Cheradyn come up behind me and Sarah says “What the heck? That’s not something to joke about.” Liam looks at me. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “Because I didn’t want to burden you with my baggage.” I say trying not to cry. “Please, that’s her carry-on. Her suitcase is the fact that she’s never had a boyfriend before, or even kissed because she was waiting on you. Well, that’s what she said. We all knew the reason was because no one liked her.” “I liked her.” A voice says. Michael. “And I kissed her.” Ashely steps back. “You know what, Ashely? You lost. Why can’t you just accept that? And I was waiting on Liam, and here he is. Now what more do you have to say?” I asked her. Her face turned red and she and the crew walked away. “Thank you, guys.” I hug Cheradyn, Sarah, and Liam. Deanstands to the side, awkwardly. I go up to him. “Thank you.” I say. He smiles and looks at the ground. Suddenly, I’m lifted into the air. “Ah!” I squeal. “Look! It’s little Brookie!” All the boys I knew came and crowded around me. “So, Brooke, did bring someone with you?” One of the boys asked me. “Yeah, I did.” I say, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “Who is it?” They all ask, clearly astounded by the fact I said yes. Liam walks up to me. “Is this him?” They ask. “Yeah,” I say. “What’s your name?” They ask Liam, because a bunch of 20 year old boys aren’t going to know who he is until he says his name. “Liam.” He says. “Wait, wait, wait. As in Liam?” “Yeah.” I say trying not to smile. “Wow, you were right.” “I’m always right.” I say in a snotty tone. We go sit down and talk. I see everyone for school, and they are all astounded by the fact that I’m dating Liam. Finally, the dinner is over. “Best night ever.” I say.

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