Best Job Ever

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  • Published: 21 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 22 Nov 2013
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What happens when a simple job interview brings you face to face with the love of your life? Meet Brooke, a 20 year old American, in England for college, studying at the prestigious Oxford University. It's summertime and she applies for a job as a maid and cook. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. This job takes her through twists and turns, love and heartbreak, but best of all, she gets 4 new best friends/brothers and a sole mate. A job this amazing can only be described as the "Best Job Ever". WARNING: Some chapter have elements that can be triggering. And LANGUAGE! Some chapters have a lot of cursing. xxBo<3


84. Flight

I can't get the image of Jesse glaring at Niall out of my head. Just like how I liked Liam and how Cheradyn liked Louis before we met them, when we were just fans, Morgan liked Niall. I just need to let it go. It's been 2 days since Main Event and we are in the airport, waiting at the gate, ready to go to New York. Zayn's sleeping, Niall went to find food, Louis, Cheradyn, Sarah, and Harry are talking, and Liam and I are just enjoying each other's company. Pretty soon, we are boarding and in the air. Since the seats are 3 in a row, it's me by the window, Liam in the middle, and Niall on the aisle. In the seat across from us, it's Cheradyn in the aisle, Louis in the middle, and Zayn in the window seat. Harry and Sarah are behind us, with Harry in the window seat and Sarah in the middle seat. I forced them to sit together. Hehehe. The flight is 6 hours with a stop after 4 hours. Niall falls asleep and so does Zayn. I can hear Sarah and Harry talking behind me, but I can't comprehend what they are saying. Louis and Cheradyn aren't talking and by the looks of it, they are just cuddling, trying to fall asleep. Liam grabs my hand while I stare out the window. I love flying. I think it's just so pretty and I have never been scared of heights or anything like that. Liam watches me with his adorable, amused expression . He leans over and pecks my cheek. “What?” I ask him. “Just that you are so adorable and I love you so much.” He replies, pecking me on the cheek once again. “Oh, get a room!” Harry cries out for behind us. “Oh, shut up, Harry! You wish you could do the same to someone else!” Liam cries back. I laugh, knowing that would shut him up. Harry kicks the back of Liam's chair, then the back of mine. I laugh harder. I turn around and look at Harry. His face is red, either out of anger or out of embarrassment, his hands fidgeting with the ends of his shirt, just like Sarah does, his eyes trained on his hands. “Ok, am I missing something here?” Sarah says. Liam and I just turn around both of us ignoring Sarah, not because we are mean, but because we don't know what to say. AWKWARD.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We just took off from our second stop and Liam is asleep with his head on my shoulder. Niall is awake and I think everyone else is asleep. Like I said, Liam is asleep on my shoulder, so he is giving me a clear view of Niall. “Hey, Brooke, can I talk to you?” He looks over and asks me. “Yeah, what's up?” I ask him. “Well, did you see the way Jesse was looking at me? And don't say you didn't, cause I know you did.” “Then why are you asking?” “Because I wanna talk to you about it. As you know, I was talking to Morgan at Sarah and Cheradyn's party and I really got to like her. And you said that she was just like me and she told me she was a directioner and I wanted to know who her favorite was and... she didn't tell me” He lets out a sigh. “You.” I say, looking down. “What?” He stammers. “It was you. That's why she never told you.” “Really?” His voice picks up. I nod. He smiles. “Thanks, Brooke!” He says, rather too loudly. “Shhh! You'll wake Liam!” I yell-whisper. He grins. I can't help but smile back.


Heyyyy, sorry I didn't post and when I did with such a sucky chapter! ILY! Nothing to say, so read, fangirl and die.


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