Best Job Ever

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  • Published: 21 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 22 Nov 2013
  • Status: Complete
What happens when a simple job interview brings you face to face with the love of your life? Meet Brooke, a 20 year old American, in England for college, studying at the prestigious Oxford University. It's summertime and she applies for a job as a maid and cook. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. This job takes her through twists and turns, love and heartbreak, but best of all, she gets 4 new best friends/brothers and a sole mate. A job this amazing can only be described as the "Best Job Ever". WARNING: Some chapter have elements that can be triggering. And LANGUAGE! Some chapters have a lot of cursing. xxBo<3


15. Conversation with My Friends


“Guys, we’ll talk about this later. For now, let’s meet the boys.” I open the door, surprisingly seeing Louis on the couch. As I walk closer, I see Liam and Niall holding him back. I show the camera to the boys and Cheradyn squeals. I sit down between Liam and Louis on the couch and put the phone on the coffee table up against a soda can. Liam puts his arm around me. “Cheradyn, you know the boys. Sarah, this is Liam,” I point at the boys when I say their name. “Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Harry.” Liam looks at me weird. “She’s not a directioner, however as you can see, Cheradyn is.”  “Oh, Brooke, I have been waiting for this moment…” Sarah says. “So, Liam, has Brooke told you how much of a stalker she was when she was younger?” Liam looks at me and raised his eyebrow. “I was not a stalker.” I say stubbornly. “Yes, because knowing their blood types doesn’t count as stalking.” All the boys laugh and my face turns red. Louis starts to channel surf while I argue with Sarah. “Ooh,” Louis says. “Grease is on!” “OMG! I love that movie.” Cheradyn says. They start hand jiving together. When the song is over, Cheradyn seems to be in a trance and staring at Louis. “Sarah! Stop!” I say with a nervous laugh. “Or what about when you slow danced with your Ipod while a picture of Liam was on the screen?” “Hey!” The boys wouldn’t stop laughing. My face was burning. “Hey,” Cheradyn says “It wasn’t just Brooke. I did it also.” “With who?” Louis asked.” Now it was Cheradyn’s turn to be embarrassed. “Uh, you…” Cheradyn said. Louis looked at her with a half-smile on his face.  Cheradyn loved Louis like I love Liam. “So, Brooke, did you know where having a school reunion?” Sarah says to break the tension. “We are?” “Yeah, we are and we bring who ever we’re dating.” She looks from me to Liam. Liam squeezes my shoulder. “Finally, I’ll prove them wrong.” I say. “What?” Harry says. “I told everyone that I would date Liam and they were so mean to me. Especially this one girl who liked Liam and acted like she was a better directioner than I was. But the thing was she liked all of you at different times as in she loved each of you as her favorite. She started with Louis, to Liam, to, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, and then back to Liam. She would always say she was going to marry Liam, and in my head, I always ‘After you’re done dating the rest of them’. I would just love to walk in with you and freak her out. But knowing her, she would flirt with him.” I tear up. “When we go, if she does then I’ll kiss you and leave.” Says Liam. “Aw…” everyone says. He holds me tighter.

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