Best Job Ever

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  • Published: 21 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 22 Nov 2013
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What happens when a simple job interview brings you face to face with the love of your life? Meet Brooke, a 20 year old American, in England for college, studying at the prestigious Oxford University. It's summertime and she applies for a job as a maid and cook. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. This job takes her through twists and turns, love and heartbreak, but best of all, she gets 4 new best friends/brothers and a sole mate. A job this amazing can only be described as the "Best Job Ever". WARNING: Some chapter have elements that can be triggering. And LANGUAGE! Some chapters have a lot of cursing. xxBo<3


67. Being Bugged


Brooke's pov
"C'mon!!! Tell us!!!" Louis screams at Harry. Niall and Zayn went to bed and Louis had been trying to get Harry to tell us when, where, and why he kissed Sarah for 2 hours since we hung up with Cheradyn. Luckily, Harry had kept his mouth shut and hopefully he will. I bet you're wondering why I want him to be quiet. Well, I know that it had to be something that Sarah felt bad about for her to let someone so... Harry-like to kiss her. No, that sounded mean! No, because Harry is so... out there with love and Sarah has always been shy and quiet. Well, we all know she doesn't like him. She just doesn't do boys. Whenever Cher, Sarah and I would go out, me and Cher would check boys out (Don't Judge Me!) and Sarah would just sit there playing on her phone. So if she let Haz kiss her then... It was just in the moment. Then it dawned on me. That was her first kiss. Harry was her first kiss. Wow. That's... Wow! I bet she would hate that fact. I bet that's why she never told me or Cheradyn! "I wanna know!!!” Louis wails. I roll my eyes. I'm trying to study and am getting tired of Louis screaming at 9:30pm. “Louis! Shut it! Brooke is trying to study still! Not her fault you got her distracted to begin with!” Liam yells at Louis. “Oh, Liam, you be quiet!” Louis yells back, his voice starting to get hoarse due to all the screaming. “Oh, would y'all all shut up!?” I yell, looking up from the blasted chemistry book I've had my head in for the past hour and a half. I glare at them. Liam gives me his puppy eyes, and Louis and Harry both are staring at me, mouths wide open, from my outburst. I roll my eyes and stand up, slamming the book in the process. “I'm going to bed.” I announce. “Ok, love you honey, see you in the morning!” Liam says with a happy tone. “No you won't.” I mutter. 


Hey guys. Well, sorry it took so long to update, but here (or there^) it is!  And it's spring break, so I'll try to have more chappies up! :D My first shout out is for a Fan-fiction called Truly, Madly, Deeply by mo121798! She is an amazayn author and one of my really close friends. Here is a link for it: . TANK YEW AND LOVE Y'ALL!!!       xxBO<3

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