Best Job Ever

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  • Published: 21 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 22 Nov 2013
  • Status: Complete
What happens when a simple job interview brings you face to face with the love of your life? Meet Brooke, a 20 year old American, in England for college, studying at the prestigious Oxford University. It's summertime and she applies for a job as a maid and cook. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. This job takes her through twists and turns, love and heartbreak, but best of all, she gets 4 new best friends/brothers and a sole mate. A job this amazing can only be described as the "Best Job Ever". WARNING: Some chapter have elements that can be triggering. And LANGUAGE! Some chapters have a lot of cursing. xxBo<3


121. 8/5/15 or New People

Cheradyn's POV


Me and Sarah are in the airport, waiting for Brooke's flight to land. Sarah and I are both on our phones. I'm texting Louis and Liam asked him if he would ask me to tell him how the trip was when she gets back. I see Brooke walk out, her carry-on bag in hand and a smile on her face. It's been a long time we've seen her smile. She walks towards us, texting as well. I try to figure out who she could be texting. “Hey, girl!” I hug her and so does Sarah. “How was it?!” Sarah asks Brooke. “It was great! I had so much fun!” She says. Her phone lets out a little beep and she pulls it out. She starts texting someone. “Who are you talking to?” I ask her as she puts her phone back in her back pocket. “Nobody.” “Really?” Sarah asks, because both of us know better. “C'mon! Let's go home!” She says, trying to get us distracted. She grabs her bag and walks in front of us. We go outside, me and Sarah still behind her. Sarah and I look at each other and at Brooke's phone in her back pocket. I reach forward and snatch it out. I run away, knowing I am so much faster than Brooke and quickly type in her password as I run. The first thing to pop up is the texting screen. I look at the name. Henry. WHAT?! I turn around, and Brooke runs up with Sarah and she snatches the phone out of my hands. “Who the heck is Henry?!” I say. “Nobody!” She says, her cheeks turning a bit red. “BROOKE!” Sarah says. “Ok, ok! He is a boy I met on the cruise. He was on vacation with his family and his room was next to mine and I talked to him and and he is really cute and he is really sweet and he likes me, so I thought, 'Why not take a chance?'.” She says, taking her phone back. “But what about Liam?” I ask her, handing her phone back. “I need to get over him! So, Henry could be my chance! He lives in London, so when I go back, we could be something! This could be my ticket out!” She says, as we walk to the car. “Ok, but it's too soon, right? I mean, it's not like you've gone a date or kissed or anything, right?” Sarah says. She looks at the ground. “Right?” She repeats and Brooke still looks at the ground. We reach the car now and Brooke puts her bag in the trunk, still not saying a word. I start the car and Brooke gets in the back and Sarah in the passenger's seat. “Brooke, I'm not moving this car until you tell us what happened.” I say, keeping the car in park. She lets out a small sigh, the speaks. “He kissed me.”

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