Left Clueless

I can’t believe he did this to me he just left me. But we were so in love, we told each other everything all our secrets, I shared my first kiss with him and he just left me for some older woman. He said that he would never leave me and that I was the one he would always love, but no he just left me. You can’t expect me to be fine and I really don’t expect him to care. The reason he left because I wasn’t good enough for him or the press. And by him I mean Harry Styles from One Direction, the one who left me clueless.


6. Why Does He Do This To Me


The bell sounds and in just a few seconds the corridor is full of teenagers of different ages and sizes. I make my way down the corridor trying not to get knock over by anyone. I make my way to my locker, which is at the end of all the lockers, and at the top, I love having a top locker because if there isn’t someone you like who is underneath you, you can drop stuff on then I know I’m mean.


I put in my locker combination in and my locker opens. I put my books in and grab out my recess and shut it. I make my way across the corridor and out the door; the warm air hits my visible skins and warms my body from head to toe. I take my iPhone4s out of my pocket and check if I have any messages. I had one from Jaz and it read:


From: SpazzyJazzy


Hey Hayz how did ur music class go??? :D


To: SpazzyJazzy

Yeah it was all right but guess who was there when we finished???xoxo


From: SpazzyJazzy

OMG who???:D


To: SpazzyJazzy

Harry was there and I don’t think he recognised me. Xoxo


From: SpazzyJazzy

You’ve got to be kidding me you know he is going to get the beat down no one hurts my Hayley. Also you really think he didn’t recognise you?:D


To: SpazzyJazzy

Yeah I don’t think he did, plus I will talk to you soon because I’m nearly there.


From: SpazzyJazzy

Ok see you there wuv you :D


To: SpazzyJazzy

Wuv you too and look behind you. Xoxo


I make my way across the asphalt and turn a corner and see our whole group sitting in a circle and everyone having their separate convocations. Jaz turns around and sees me. Then gets up and runs over to me. She grabs my hand and whispers in my ear. “You have to tell me everything.”


After I told her everything that happened to when I saw Harry and how he tried to shake my hand, but I ignored him. I also told her about how he winked at me and she ready to punch a wall, it was kinda funny.


We make our way back to the group and somehow it has gotten bigger. Then I realised that boys were here to. (Not One Direction) There is Andy, Ryan, Jordan, Cameron and Will. They all see me and run up to give and me me a bear hug then they make there way back to the group and I follow.


“ I can’t believe One Direction are here.” Ryan says while he has his arms around Monique, which is his girlfriend they are so cute together.


“Yeah I know there actually really nice I was talking to them before and asked them if they wanted to come and sit with us at lunch and they all said yes.” Andy says. Wait did he just say that One Direction are going to be sitting with us at lunch, I must have just heard him wrong. Well I hope I heard him wrong.


“ Wait WHAT! Did you just say One Direction are going to be sitting with us at lunch?” I yell at Andy hoping I was just hearing things.


“Yeah I did why?” He says with a questionable look on his face. Just as I was about to answer his question I heard foots steps behind me and I turned around and of course there he was standing there with his brown curly hair bouncing up and down as the wind blew past. There stands Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction.


“ Hi guys come sit down,” Cameron says while I shake my head at him and mouthing no to him. He looks at me with a questionable look on his face. They all sit down and of course Harry sits right across from me doesn’t he.


All the boys were talking but I wasn’t really paying any attention just admiring my pink nail polish. Until I looked up and saw everyone is looking at me like I was meant to say something. “ What? Why are you all looking at me like that?” I say wondering why they are all looking at me like that.


“Where playing 21 questions and Harry asked what is the worst thing someone has ever done to you?” Will says. I am not going to answer that especially not in front of everyone. Everyone is looking at me waiting for me to answer but nothing is coming out of my mouth. “ Um sorry I’ve got to go.” I stand up and walk as fast as I can away from everyone, away from him. I run up the steps and open the door that leads to the corridor, I run down not even bothering to move out of any ones way I just had to get out of there and find a quiet place for me to sit and think.


 So I make my way to the girl bathroom and open the door and see a bunch of girls standing around the mirror with the skimpiest clothes I have ever seen and with loads of make-up on. These are the type of girls I hate they think they are better then everyone else but there only fake. As I walk past them they look me up and down and giving me a death stairs I just roll my eyes and laugh at them and go to the nearest cubical and shut the door.


I sat down on the toilet lid and let all my emotion flow free anger, sadness and just looking for answers. I feel a small tear fall down my face and on to the white marble floor; I can’t believe he can make me feel like this I thought I was done with him when he left me bu- “ I’m so gonna hook up with Harry he totally wants me.” One of the bimbos said.



“Oh yeah you two will be like the hottest couple ever.” Hello I was in the middle of something very important and of course you had to barge in didn’t you and as if Harry would go for someone like her. Her name is Bree and she is the most fake girl I have seen she always has the tightest clothes on and caked on make-up. I’m not a real make-up person but I only put a little bit of foundation on so it looks natural and maybe a bit of mascara that’s all. Sometimes I don’t even wear make-up cause I can’t be bothered.


Just as I was about to start thinking again the bell interrupted me, you’ve got to be kidding me. So I get up and open the door and walk into a big sweaty crowd of teenagers, again.


I make it to my locker alive and put in the combination and open my locker. I check my timetable to see what I have next, which is maths. I get my books out and make my way to my next class. As I make my way there I hear someone yelling out my name from behind me, I turn around and see Andy running towards me. He stops right in front of me and tries to catch his breath. “ Why did you walk away Hayley? What the matter was it something I said?” he says. What do I do? Should I tell him or should I lie?


“Um no you didn’t do anything wrong.” I say hoping he won’t ask me anything else but of course he does.


“ Yeah I thought I didn’t but you have been acting really strange today ever since One Direction came here.” His voice start to get annoyed now, which makes me even more nervous.


“Andy I can’t deal with this right now ok it doesn’t have anything to do with you ok just leave it alone.” I yelled at him but I immediately regretted it. “I’m sorry really sorry Andy I didn’t mean to yell at you.” I say lowering my voice.


“It’s ok Hayley we can talk about it later ok, now come here.” He holds his arms out and I walk in, I felt his warm embrace around me and it made me feel so much better. 

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