Left Clueless

I can’t believe he did this to me he just left me. But we were so in love, we told each other everything all our secrets, I shared my first kiss with him and he just left me for some older woman. He said that he would never leave me and that I was the one he would always love, but no he just left me. You can’t expect me to be fine and I really don’t expect him to care. The reason he left because I wasn’t good enough for him or the press. And by him I mean Harry Styles from One Direction, the one who left me clueless.


7. There's Something About Her


Harry’s POV


There is something about her, about Hayley that seem like I have know or seen her before, ever since I heard the sound of her singing she sounded incredible. But I have a feeling she doesn’t even like me but I’m Harry Styles from One Direction who couldn’t love me. But she wouldn’t even make eye contact with me or even shake my hand we both just stood there awkwardly. I just can’t take my eyes off of her, when I looked into her deep blue eyes my whole body went numb.


But why doesn’t she like me, like when I asked her ‘what the worst thing someone has ever done to you’ and she just got up and left, what ever happened to her must have been so hard she couldn’t even tell the group.


We all just sat there in shock, as she walked away as fast as she could. “What happened did I say something wrong?” I ask waiting for someone to answer me.


“ I really don’t know” Andy says with still a shocked look on his face. I look up to see all of the girls looking up and acting like they know what is going on. I was about to ask them but Ryan bet me to it.


“Girls what’s going on?” He asked.


“Um, nothing why?” Monique says trying not to make eye contact with anyone.


“Neeki I know your hiding something from me and everyone here, what is it? Why can’t you tell me or any of us?” Ryan asks again trying to get something out of Monique.


“Um, well I’m not hiding anything and the girls already know.” She says looking really guilty.


WHAT!” All the boys say in sync with surprised faces.


“Why can’t you tell us.” Andy says and starting to get really annoyed.


“BECAUSE ANDY IT ISN’T OUR PLACE TO SAY OK, JUST LEAVE IT ALONE.” Monique yells and stress at me like I did something wrong. She starts to get up to walk away but Andy grabs her hands and pulls her back down onto the ground.


“I’m sorry Neeki, I didn’t mean to get you angry but all I want to know, all we want to know is if it has something to do with Hayley?” He softens his voice and looks deep into her eyes, but all she does is look at the ground. Then she looks up at the girls, and they give her the same look, like they were all trying to say something through there minds.




Just as they were about to open their mouths the bell sounded and I huffed in frustration.


There is something about Hayley that I can’t put my finger on. She makes my heart race, I don’t know what it is but I’m gonna do my best to find out…


Hayley’s POV


Andy and I walk into the maths room and take our seats near the back right corner. As we waited for the teacher to come I look to my right, and see Liam and Harry joke around, and I snap my head to the left where Andy was sitting. Ouch!, bad idea..


My neck was hurting so bad, I keep seeing Harry in the corner of my eye looking at me and I tried my best not to look at him but my body took over, I turned to look at him and he quickly looked away. I looked at his face and Oh My God! He is blushing. Why the hell is he blushing?


I thought he didn’t remember who I was but why would he be blushing, he is the one who left me. I am so confused??? 

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