Left Clueless

I can’t believe he did this to me he just left me. But we were so in love, we told each other everything all our secrets, I shared my first kiss with him and he just left me for some older woman. He said that he would never leave me and that I was the one he would always love, but no he just left me. You can’t expect me to be fine and I really don’t expect him to care. The reason he left because I wasn’t good enough for him or the press. And by him I mean Harry Styles from One Direction, the one who left me clueless.


16. Party Time

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Hayley’s POV

I make it to his house wearing (http://www.polyvore.com/hayleys_1st_outfit/set?id=60714398) with Jaz in the passenger seat and Chloe in the back, I get out of the car and slowly make our way to the front door. As I look at the house it is huge it is a two story house and it had a very modern look to it, it was just amaZAYN (A/N: Sorry I just had to do it, it was so tempting.)  I stop at the front of his door and I started to get really nervous and the girls could see it.

“Hayley everything is going to be alright I don’t know why you are worrying so much?” Jaz asked.

“I don’t know why either I think this was a really bad idea maybe I should just go home.” I turn around and start walking but someone’s hand grabs hold of my arm, I turn around and see Chloe.

“Hayley this is your night have fun be the crazy girl I have known for the past few years because she is missing out ok, now go in there and you don’t even have to talk to Harry your hear because of Zayn not Harry.” Chloe said. She right I am letting this get in the way and I came here for Zayn not him.

“I guess so, I think we should go in side now.”

“That’s my girl.” Chlo says.


I lift my hand so it touches the door and knock three times, by this part I am hoping no one answers so I can go home but no. I hear someone running to the door, it opens and see Zayn standing they’re wearing a black leather jacket with a plain white t-shirt under it with dark blue jeans. Damn. He really pulled that outfit off and I think he caught me checking him out because he started laughing which made me blush. Oh God. He signaled me to come inside and I did.

“You look beautiful Hayley.” He said making me blush even more.

“Thanks you don’t look so bad yourself.” I said and he chuckled.

We made our way into the lounge room to see all the boys sitting on the couch watching TV. As us girls stood there really awkward and not knowing what to do, Zayn cleared his throat to get their attention and it worked because as he did Harry made eye contact with me and looked a bit shocked but I just brushed it off and looked back at Zayn and the boys made there way over to us.

“Hi it’s Hayley right?” Louis said.

“Yeah it’s Louis right?” I said he chuckled.

“Yeah.” We all stood their awkwardly then I realize I haven’t even introduced the girls yet I’m a bit stupid.

“Oh sorry guys this is Jaz and Chloe, Jaz and Chloe this is Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry.” I said pointing to each of them.

“HI guys.” Jaz and Chloe said.

“So what do you guys want to do?” Zayn asked

“TRUTH OR DARE” All the boys yelled at the same time, it kind of scared me because I like nearly crapped my pants.

“Oh my god yes.” Jaz and Chloe said. But I just stood there with out saying anything.

“You wanna play Haylz?” Niall asked.

“Haylz that’s new, sure why not.” I said and we made our way onto the ground making a big circle in the middle of the floor. Zayn sat next to me I looked up at him and he smiled which made me smile, and may I just say he has the most amazing smile ever. I looked down at my hands fidderling with them Zayn must of seen me so he took his hand and put it in my it fitted perfectly in mine his hands were so big compared to mine that were so small. It sent tingles all thru my body and made me feel safe. I looked up and saw Harry looking at our hands with a sad look on his face, he then looked up at me but looked away straight away, maybe he doesn’t remember me well soon I will find out…

“So lets get this party started!” Louis yelled.

Here goes nothing.


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