Left Clueless

I can’t believe he did this to me he just left me. But we were so in love, we told each other everything all our secrets, I shared my first kiss with him and he just left me for some older woman. He said that he would never leave me and that I was the one he would always love, but no he just left me. You can’t expect me to be fine and I really don’t expect him to care. The reason he left because I wasn’t good enough for him or the press. And by him I mean Harry Styles from One Direction, the one who left me clueless.


4. Music Class From Hell


As the bell rings I make my way down the corridor with my music books in my hand, then I go right to the end of the corridor and turn left. I opened the door and was looking down at my feet. When I look up I see all the girls in the back right corner I also have another look around and I’m so glad Harry isn’t in my site because I really don’t want to see him ever again.


I make my way to the back of the room and sit down next to Zoe she looks at me and yells out “ FIVE MEN MOVIN A COUCH!” I just start to crack up laughing, and what it is off is the Janoskians and Beau Brooks says it while they are moving a couch. They are the funniest people I have ever seen and the good thing is they only live in Melbourne and I live in Geelong, which is only an hour away.


Today in music class we have to practise our assignment. What we have to do is get in a group of three people and work on making performing a song together. I have already chosen my group and out parts in it but we haven’t chosen a song yet. There is Zoe who is playing the drums, Beth who is playing the guitar and singing and, me who is playing the piano and also singing. 


While we are waiting for the class to start I go up to our music teacher Mr. Robinson, because I really don't want to be in the room when One Direction come here especially Harry. "Hi Mr. Robinson I was wondering if the girls and I could go practice in the spare room" I politely asked and hoping he will say yes.

"But the big British boy band One Direction are going to be coming any minute don't you want to see them plus they can help with your assignment." He says. Ha no thanks but nice try.

"No not really plus I'm getting so far into this assessment that us girls don't need there help were fine on our own. So can we please go into the spare room?” I say to him with my big puppy dog eyes.

"Fine but make sure you do your work cause I'm really looking forward to see what you come up with." He stops then reaches into his pocket.” And here is the key do not lose it ok."

"Thank-you Mr. Robinson and yes I will guard it with my life." I give him a big smile and hold the key it my heart he laughs and gets ready to start the class. I make my way to the back of the room to go get Zoe and Beth, when I tell them we get to go in the spare room they are happy because it hard trying to practice in one room and there are about thirty people in there plus you can’t even hear yourself think. This is probably the most excited I have been for a school subject, because music is my favorite subject and I can’t wait to get started.


I get the key out of my pocket and put it in the keyhole and turned the key click and the door was open. As soon as I step in side the light came on and they were bright. When you walk in it is like a recording studio. There is a microphone stand at the front a drum kit at the back right hand corner, a keyboard at the back left corner and in the middle of the room an electric guitar leaning up against an amplifier.


We make our way in and sit on the floor. We start to think of ideas of a song to do for our assignment that include drums, piano and guitar. I take my iPhone4s out of my pocket and open up my iTunes. As I look through I read out some ideas but none of them really work. While the girls and I were trying to find a song I got out my headphones, plugged them in and pressed shuffle. The first song that came on was ‘Good Time’ By Owl City and Carley Rae Jepsen.

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