Left Clueless

I can’t believe he did this to me he just left me. But we were so in love, we told each other everything all our secrets, I shared my first kiss with him and he just left me for some older woman. He said that he would never leave me and that I was the one he would always love, but no he just left me. You can’t expect me to be fine and I really don’t expect him to care. The reason he left because I wasn’t good enough for him or the press. And by him I mean Harry Styles from One Direction, the one who left me clueless.


10. Flashback


Hayley’s POV:
Jaz and I spent the whole lunch time by ourselves because I really couldn’t deal with everyone right now and I also love being able to go to Jaz and just tell her all my problems and she will help me to get through it. We talked about when Harry and I were young and how he was different, to what he is now. Because I fell for the Harry I knew back when we were young, but not the one I know now.


“So what are you going to do? You can’t just ignore him the whole time he is here, you do know he will find out that it is you Hayley” Jaz says and she is true he probably does remember me, but then again why does he act like he doesn’t?


“I just really don’t know and I seriously cant deal with this right now I have school to worry about and now all of a sudden he turns up at a time I am so busy with school work, and he has to come and make me feel like I did four years ago I hate it I still wish I had never fallen for him. But some how I did.” I say as many memories flood back to the first time I met him.



I was fourteen when my mum and I moved into our new house in Cheshire. We started to move all of our things into the house when I saw a little curled head boy sitting out the front of his house looking at me. He gave me a smile and I returned it, I returned to bringing a box into the house.


It wasn’t a new house but it was good enough for mum and I it had two bedrooms, one bathroom and a small kitchen and living area. I put the box in the kitchen and made my way back to the moving truck. I went to go pick up a box but it was heavier then I thought and began to slip out of my hands, I felt two warm hands press up against mine to help hold it up. I turned around and saw the curly haired boy standing there with the box in his hands.


“You know you shouldn’t carry heavy things by yourself.” He said with a huge smiled that showed a dimple on his right cheek. He was flawless his greens orbs shown it the sun and his curls fallen on his face I just couldn’t take my eyes away from him.


“I guess I shouldn’t and thankyou.” I say trying not to be too awkward.


“No probs and by the way I’m Harry.” His say and puts his hand out for me to shake and I take it. His soft and warm hand grab hold of mine and he began to shake it. I felt butterflies going crazy in my stomach, I look up into his green eyes and I knew that he felt the same. He let go of my hand but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I just realised what I was doing and look down at the ground as my face started to heat up.

“ Hi I’m Hayley and surely there is something I can do to repay you.” I say still not making eye contact.


“Well there is one thing…” He said.


“And what is that?” I ask and look at him.


“Would you like to go out with me?” That’s when I really fell for him.


End of flashback


“Hayley, Hayley, HAYLEY!” Jaz screams at me.


“Sorry I was just thinking, what do you want?” I say.


“Didn’t you hear it the bell just went and also an announcement saying that everyone has to go to the stadium because the boys are going to be performing and I know you really don’t want to go but there is really nothing you can do.” She says knowing that I would try and get out of going there.


“You’ve got to be kidding me right I seriously can’t get away from him. Ah! But I guess we better go I don’t want to get in trouble do we.” I whine.


We slowly make our way to the stadium and it is already full of screaming teenage girls. These girls seriously have no life all they do is cry and talk about One Direction. What is so special about them anyway? And all the girls think and say that they are going to marry them or something like that, and then there is me a normal person who thinks they are just wasting there lives with something that will never happen, because I thought the same thing. That I might spend the rest of my life with Harry, but nothing ever works out the way you want it to, does it?


I see Andy and the rest of our group sitting near the front of the stage, Andy sees me and waves to Jaz and I to come over. We make our way over to them and I sit down next to Andy. He looks at me and I give him a fake smile, he then puts his arm around me and squeezes me tight.


“Don’t worry, be happy” He sings and I chuckle to myself.


“Your such an idiot, why am I even friends with you?” I joke.


“Because you love me that’s why.” He says with a baby voice.


I do love Andy but as a best friend and he knows that but if I tell him what Harry did to me, I’ll be surprised if Harry makes it out alive because Andy is not only very protective of me but all his friends and if someone hurts any of the people he loves he will put them through the same pain as they went through and I don’t want him to know what he did to me because I can’t deal with any more problems.


“So are you going to tell me what was going on earlier?” He whispers in my ear. Great! Now I’m going to have to tell him.


“Um… can we not talk about it now.” I say not making eye contact, because I really don’t want to talk about it right now anyway.


“Fine, tell me when ever you are ready because I’m always here for you. You know that don’t you?” He says seriously.


“Yes I do and don’t worry I will tell you” I say “one day” I whisper that last bit so he doesn’t here me. Then out principle Mrs. Myers came on stage and was talking but I wasn’t even listening then something that she had said court my attention.


“Hello students and teachers I have a very exciting announcement to make as you all know the british boy band One Direction are here and are not going to be touring until term 3 starts. So the boys are going to be staying with us for this whole term, I hope you make the boys feel very welcome and treat them as you will treat any teenage boy. Talking about the boys all of you are here today because they are going to be performing there newest single ‘Live While Were Young’ so I would like to bring the boys out now can everyone give them a round of applause.” Mrs. Myers says. Just as I look up on stage I see all the boys jog onto the stage and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of Zayn.


I think he court me as well, because he smiled at me then winked, I felt my face heat up. Wait! I can’t be blushing. This is so embarrassing.












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