Winter Love

Olivia has loved One Direction since they started. She ran away from her home in Minnesota to move to Colorado so that she could go to College there and Teach Snowboarding. What she thought was going to be a normal tuesday, turns out to be the most extardionary day in her life. She gets to teach Harry Styles how to snowbaord!!! When the lesson is over, will the connection end. Find out :)


3. What did he just say???

Olivia's POV: I couldn't beleive what I just heard, did Harry Styles just ask me out. Calm Down Olivia I said to myself, I looked into his beautiful face and said of course I would love to go out with you. We exchanged numbers and Twitter names and he took a picture of us and put it on twitter @olivia_edwards2 Had the best day of my life with this girl!! I smiled and he kissed me on the cheek, he left so I went to my locker put all my stuff away and meet up with Carly. OMG Carly can you beleive that we just hung out with Harry Styles and Niall Horan for an entire day!!! She screamed back at me he asked me on a date!!!! NO WAY ME TOO! We both jumped and down and we walked to our cars, we decided to go get Panera and you would not guess who we saw there. Carly's POV: Was this fate we walked into Panera and Harry and Niall were in there. They turned to us and Smiled and Harry looks at Olivia and says are you following me? He winks she laughs and we go and order our food, we sit at the table with them and talk until or buzzer goes off. Niall says he will go get my food, and Harry goes with to get mine. Nialls POV: As Haz and are were walking to go get the girls food, I turned to Haz and said can you beleive this. He laughed and said well it must be fate, we returned to the table with the food and we talked and finished our food. Once we finished we cleared our dishes and we were walking the girls to their car, when we were mobbed by fans we signed autograps and took pictures. All the fans were saying who are they and pointed at the girls we said that was enough for the day then got the girls in their cars. We got in our car and drove to our hotel to meet with the other guys.


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