Winter Love

Olivia has loved One Direction since they started. She ran away from her home in Minnesota to move to Colorado so that she could go to College there and Teach Snowboarding. What she thought was going to be a normal tuesday, turns out to be the most extardionary day in her life. She gets to teach Harry Styles how to snowbaord!!! When the lesson is over, will the connection end. Find out :)


2. We Finally Meet

Olivia's POV: We see them smiling, and we turn to eachother and laugh this was going to be a fun day. Hi, I'm Olivia which one of you is Harry? HAHA as if I didn't know I thought to myself. Harry raises his hand, and then Carly and Niall introduce eachother. I start by asking Harry if he has every snowboarded before, he blushes and smiles with his adorable dimples and says no. Ok I say, lets start at the basics. He smiles and looks me in the eyes, oh his eyes were such a beautiful green. I fell in love right then and there. <3 Harry's POV: I looked at Olivia man she was beautiful, I hope I learn quickly so that I don't embaress myself. Olivia taught me how to get into the board and how to push myself with one foot, then it came turning. Olivia's POV: Harry was so terrible at turning everytime he tried he fell, I have to admit it was pretty funny though. He finally just asked if I could just hold  his hand and help him. I grabbed onto his hand and pulled him throught the turns after that he got it. We moved onto the small chairlifts and when we were getting off Harry fell on top of me. Our eyes meet and I so wanted to kiss him right there, but I had to be professional. I helped him get up and he went down the hill really well. We went up and down the hill until I knew he was ready to go on a bigger hill. Harry's POV: When we were on top of eachother I wanted to kiss her so bad she was so beautiful. When we finished going down a big hill we met Niall and Carly for some lunch in the Chalet. I got to know Olivia and Carly really well, they were students at a college near by and they worked her every week. The rest of the day went by really well and I would say I am a really good snowboarder. Olivia was helping me take my stuff off when I said to her, I had a really good time today and since im on break for a couple weeks I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date?

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