Winter Love

Olivia has loved One Direction since they started. She ran away from her home in Minnesota to move to Colorado so that she could go to College there and Teach Snowboarding. What she thought was going to be a normal tuesday, turns out to be the most extardionary day in her life. She gets to teach Harry Styles how to snowbaord!!! When the lesson is over, will the connection end. Find out :)


1. Just Another Day of Being Me

Olivia's POV:I woke up to my alarm clock singing, Stole My Heart and I smile. I love that song,and the fact that One Directions voices wake me up in the morning makes me so happy. I role out of bed and turn the alarm clock off. I jump into the shower and get out and get dressed into warm winter layers. I hop in my car and drive to Caribou and get myself a coffee. When I get to Aspen I go into the office. Bill my manager gives me a list of peole that I will be teaching snowboardung to, today. I look down at the list and see only one name, I close my eyes and rub them, did that just say Harry Styles. I open my eyes again and its true I will be giving Harry flippin Styles a snowboarding lesson!!!! I run up to co-worker and best friend Carly and she is giving Niall Horan an all day lesson too!! This day couldnt get any better. Since I am always wearing a helmet I didnt do anything to make but it will dry curly, but I don't have any makeup on. I grab Carly and we go put some natural make-up on. I get the rest of my gear out of my locker and walk out to meet Harry. Harry's POV: I was waiting with Niall for our instructors, Niall and I asked for girls to teach us I mean if we are going to spend the entire with someone, then we should be able to flirt with them right. We saw two girls walking toward us, and we turned to eachother and smiled. Niall leans over and whispers to me their GORGEOUS!!!!

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