Unexpected Love

Crystal gets abused by her boyfriend Derek. She ran away from him when he wasn´t looking. She found unexpected love. Now he´s out to find her and he will kill anyone that gets in his way, meanwhile she´s happy with Niall.


2. You´re coming with me

Nialls POV

Wow, thank god I hadn´t ran over this beautiful girl. She truly was beautiful. She had hazelnut coloured hair, grey eyes, and a beautiful smile. But she had what seemed like tear marks on her cheeks and her right cheek was reader than the other. ¨ what happened? Why is such a beautiful girl like you out so late? Not to mention unprotected¨ I said a we got into my car, trying not to be so nosy, but I had to know.

Crystals POV

I had just met the guy and I wasn´t sure if I should tell him. But he sounded concerned, and I felt like I could trust him. ¨I.. I ran away from my boyfriends house.. He slapped me because I didn´t bring him a beer¨  I said with tears in my eyes. ¨Why would someone hit you? You know what. I´m taking you back to my flat and I am NOT taking no for an answer!¨  He said with a very satisfied smile with what he just said. Well, he did say he couldn´t take no for an answer. So what the hell! Why not.

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