Unexpected Love

Crystal gets abused by her boyfriend Derek. She ran away from him when he wasn´t looking. She found unexpected love. Now he´s out to find her and he will kill anyone that gets in his way, meanwhile she´s happy with Niall.


5. The Carnival

Crystals POV

I drove us to the carnival with Niall giving me directions. I didn't know there was one. "Here we are" he said. I was amazed, I didn't really go out anymore, ever since my parents died in a car accident I was always in my room. I was an only child, and since I lost both parents, it was extra hard. But I knew they would want me to keep going ahead. So I did. "Crystal?" I saw Niall waving his hand in my face. "Oh sorry, just had a flashback." I said calmly. We got out of the car and got in line to buy some tickets. I got my purse out but before I could take my money out Niall said "no, I invited you on this date so I'll pay" did he just call it a date? I saw him blush. He was so adorable. I went all ASDFGHJKL inside!!

Nialls POV

Omg did I just call this a date!? Ugh what the fuck Niall!! Great. Just great. She laughed and she held my hand, as I smiled at her she blushed. I guess she didn't know what she was doing. We went around doing every single game, and of course, eating food!

Crystals POV

It was almost time for us to go, so I suggested we went up the ferris wheel. Niall agreed and we were on our way. It stopped when we were at the peak of wheel. I was afraid and I grabbed him and buried my head in his chest. He told me it was okay, and to look up. It was dark and you could see the city. God it was beautiful. He looked at me and kissed me. "Crystal. I know we only just met... but.. so you see what had happened was.." he trailed off, I couldn't help but laugh. "I love you. I love everything about you. Your beautiful eyes, your laugh, everything.. so I wanted to ask you.. would you do me the honour and be mine?" He looked at his feet like he was preparing for the worst. "Yes" I said. Niall was mine. All mine.

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