Unexpected Love

Crystal gets abused by her boyfriend Derek. She ran away from him when he wasn´t looking. She found unexpected love. Now he´s out to find her and he will kill anyone that gets in his way, meanwhile she´s happy with Niall.


3. Staying Over.

Dereks POV

Omg that bitch got away from me!! After all I did for that slut! She better of not left me for another man or else I will kill him and her as well!



Crystals POV

We got to the flat and as soon as we walked in I said wow! Then when I realized I said it out loud I hit my forehead. Aren´t I just a smart person. Then I noticed four other guys staring at me. I felt myself turn red. Thank god Niall said something to break the ice! ¨That´s Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry.¨ He said pointing to the lads one at a time. ¨Why no need to blush love, I know I´m smexy and all but I´m taken¨ said Louis. ¨Haha, very funny. I´m Crystal, nice to meet you!¨ I found Niall staring at me. He was very sweet, and I may have liked him. ¨Niall can I speak to you somewhere private?¨ I asked him. ¨Sure, let´s go to my room.¨ I heard all the oooo´s from the guys.




Nialls POV

I was so tempted to kiss her. I can´t help myself but I must try. ¨Yeah Crystal? What´s wrong¨ I asked nervously. ¨Listen, Niall. I appreciate the fact that you´re letting me stay here but I think I-¨ I kissed her. I needed to shut her up. Her lips were so soft. She started kissing me back, and it started getting real intense. She starting unbuckling my pants while I was taking her shirt off. Then she stopped and said to me ¨Haha, no no Niall.¨ She said putting her shirt on and fixing her hair. God she was such a tease!! I wanted her to bad.


Crystals POV

I had seen Niall staring at me like he wanted something. To be honest, I did too. But being the tease I am, it wasn´t going to go that far. I decided to go say goodnight to the boys. ¨Goodnight guys!¨ I said. I slept in Nialls bed. I felt him come lay down beside me facing the opposite direction. I turned around and hugged him from behind, I was freezing. A smile grew on my face and I was asleep.


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