Unexpected Love

Crystal gets abused by her boyfriend Derek. She ran away from him when he wasn´t looking. She found unexpected love. Now he´s out to find her and he will kill anyone that gets in his way, meanwhile she´s happy with Niall.


7. Oh no!

Crystals POV

It was 9am and Niall was staring at me "good morning love" he said giving me a kiss "morning babe" I said with a smile. I fixed my hair and I walked into the kitchen, holding hands with Niall. "What do you want for breakfast?" Niall asked. "Um.. I dunno, you pick" with that being said, he grabbed my uggs, handed me my jacket and we were heading to the car. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Nandos! Duh" he said sticking his tongue out. When we arrived at Nandos, I felt like something bad was going to happen. "After you" Niall said as he opened the door for me. There he was, sitting in front of me. Derek. How had he found me? I stood there frozen. "Well well well. Isn't it the skank who ran away from me. Who is this? Your boyfriend?" Derek said with an evil smirk. I couldn't speak. "Yeah, and who are you?" Niall said standing in front of me. "Oh has she not told you? I'm her boyfriend. The better looking one" Derek said getting up from his chair. "And she's coming with me blondie" Derek said grabbing my wrist. Niall was furious, he punched Derek in the face. Must of hurt too. "Oh you wanna throw down blondie? I'll show you how it's done" Derek said, but Niall was too quick for Derek. Niall was pretty quick with his hands too. There was a knife on the table and Niall stabbed Derek in the leg. Must of been pretty deep because he fell to the ground. I called the police and they were there in an instant. Thank god nothing happened to Niall.

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