Unexpected Love

Crystal gets abused by her boyfriend Derek. She ran away from him when he wasn´t looking. She found unexpected love. Now he´s out to find her and he will kill anyone that gets in his way, meanwhile she´s happy with Niall.


1. Escaping.

Crystals POV

I had been with my boyfriend for quiet some time now, seven months to be exact. He started changing. I don't know what's wrong with him! He started being a jerk, he started calling me names like slut, bitch, and whore. Oh gosh, he's home. "Hey yo bitch! Go make me a sammich" he yelled as he slammed the door. I made him a "sammich" and handed it to him. "Where's my beer you stupid slut!!" He yelled with anger. "But.. yo-you didn't ask for one babe" I said innocently hoping he won't hurt me. I was wrong. He slapped me. My cheek was bright red! I was sobbing. How could he of hit me!! "Now go get me the bloody beer!" there, the window was opened. I could run away! But I'd have to be really careful. "Hurry up!" He yelled from the downstairs basement. I ran as fast as I could, I was looking back to see if he was following me. I wasn't paying attention and a car almost hit me. Good thing it stopped, it was inches away from me. "Oh my gosh! Are you okay!?" I heard an Irish accent. I was confused then I saw his face. Omg! It was Niall from One Direction! "Yeah, I think so" I said in a soft voice. It was freezing and I had a light sweater on. "Here, take this" Niall said giving me his warm jacket. "Thanks" I said with a weak smile.

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