Runnaway Nightmare

Annabell has ran away from her dark and troubled past to find herself over a year later having to reveal her past or die keeping it.
What will she chose?

After she escaped from her troubled past and was finally happy she starts receiving letters, calls and texts only saying "I'm coming."
Could it be that Matt has finally found her or is it some sick joke.

Who can she really trust?
Maybe there's more to her best friend Max then she thought.

Would she risk revealing her past to people she has only known for a short time, Can she really trust them?
And who keeps sending her flowers and love letters, Could it be a stalker or someone close to her.
Will she ever be safe?


3. The devil himself

8th Of Septemember 2009



The smoke filled the room again. I bet he invited those god awful men, I hate them... I hate him.

Leaving is all i have dreamed about and its time it happened. With $600 in my bank that should be enough to get me away from here... from him.

"Jaylah come sit with us sweetheart," Matt gestured.

"Ill pass, I have homework to do."

When i started to head towards my room, one of his disgusting druggie friends grabbed my wrist, Almost dropping all my books.

"Come on darling, we dont bite... Much" They all started laughing, some couldn't even manage a laugh.


They where so drugged up they probably couldn't even remember their own name.

They make me sick; I can't stand being around them.

I couldn't stand the stench of their breath and how smoke filled the room was anymore, so i started to head to the hallway when Richard grabbed me around the waist.


"Hey baby, How you been? I miss you."

I quickly loosened his grip and got out of his reach.

"I've been fine, I have to go" As i began to walk quickly to my room he followed.

I ran into my room and locked the door while accidently dropping all my books. As my breathing started to pick up i knew i was about to have a panic attack.

I froze up and knew i had to get my tablets.

Breathe, Jaylah breathe!


As i slowed my breathing, I listened to myself breathing in and out, Felt it fill my lungs then rush out.

After a few minutes i felt a little better so i walked over to my dresser draw and grabbed the bottle of tablets from the second draw.

Only after i had picked up my books and put them on the bed did i realise that Richard was still waiting outside my door when he tapped lighly on the door.

"Jaylah are you okay?" He tapped again, "Let me in" He paused as if trying to find out what to say, In the end he just sighed and said "Please?"

I leaned against the door listening to his breathing and the way he always shuffled his feet when he was nerous or impatient.


"What do you want Richard?"

"We need to talk, Please just hear me out." He tried to open the door but it was still locked. "Let me in."

"I can't trust you, you should understand that"

"Im sorry!" He yelled in frustration

I slid down the door bring my knees up to my face.

"That doesnt change anything." I couldn't help but yell back, It was the only thing stopping me from breaking down.


"I love you Jaylah Rose Burn, and i always will." He slammed his fist into the door a few times.

"I know i fucked up. I never wanted to lose you."

"It's to late." I whispered trying to hold back the tears stinging in my eyes.

Oblivious to what i whispered i heard him walk away. When i thought it was clear i stopped holding back the tears and just rocked with my head in my knees crying.

Eventually i got up and slumped into my bed opening the book on top of the pile i borrowed from the library.

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