Runnaway Nightmare

Annabell has ran away from her dark and troubled past to find herself over a year later having to reveal her past or die keeping it.
What will she chose?

After she escaped from her troubled past and was finally happy she starts receiving letters, calls and texts only saying "I'm coming."
Could it be that Matt has finally found her or is it some sick joke.

Who can she really trust?
Maybe there's more to her best friend Max then she thought.

Would she risk revealing her past to people she has only known for a short time, Can she really trust them?
And who keeps sending her flowers and love letters, Could it be a stalker or someone close to her.
Will she ever be safe?


2. One more chance

17th of September 2009



As i sat there, all i could do was think what if this escape wasn't so good after all?

all i ever wanted to do was write.

and he took that away from me...

he took everything away from me.


but i wont let him win!

not this time.

"Jaylah Burns" a man yelled out to the small crowd in the court house.

he wasn't much to look at, he had a grey business suit on. his hair was light brown and extremely curly.

he was just a bit taller then me and very skinny.

"last call for Jaylah Burns"

i sighed as i stood.

this will be my last moment as Jaylah Rose Burns.

there's no looking back now.


                                           * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


"Annabell how many times must i tell you that we aren't interested in your story?"

Rick begun the speech he always said. I'm sure i know it word for word by now.

"Yes but Rick please just read it. its not like my other stuff i swear." i knew i was begging but I'm desperate.

he looked at me with sympathy and complete kindness.

"All right Annabell but I'm serious about this one last time."

"Thank you thank you thank you!" I shrieked and hugged him.

He sighed

"Okay settle down, And don't tell anyone okay? John's already on my back about my own work, He doesn't need to know about this just yet"

"I promise" I couldn't help but smile, This is it. My big chance.


Later at the coffee shop with Max i realized he was being usually quiet but his hat was covering his face making it impossible to see his facal expression.

"He finally said yes! They have to like this one, They just have too. This is my chance." I couldn't help but smile at the fact that i might actually get published this time. After all this time.

"Oh yeah, Congrats" He said without even looking up.

"Max what's wrong?"

He looked up from starring into his coffee cup like it was some sort of hypnotic show.

"Huh uhh umm nothing i guess..."

"Max Dylan Caul tell me what is wrong now"

he looked away towards the door.

i touched his hand to bring his focus back.

"Hey you can trust me remember?"

''Well you see, Do you remember how i told you about my mum?

and how she's been acting weird lately. I found out why""What is it Max?"He pulled his hand away

"She has cancer, Annabell she has cancer, and it took her 4 months to tell me!"I could see the tears building up in his eyes.

"Oh maxi"

I jumped up and ran around to give him a hug. It was only after he was crying that i realised i was too.

"Maxie, Hey Max listen to me, Come one lets get out of here. We can talk at mine yeah?"

He didn't speak, Just nodded and followed me to my car. I wish i knew what to do, This isn't fair! not on Maxie and Jody. I wish there was something i could do.


Once me and Maxie had made our way back to my apartment i took him to the couch and then went to the kitchen to make us both a drink.

"What a coffee?" I asked him while get out two cups.

"I already had one remember" He spoke quietly

"You can never have to many coffees Maxie, Plus you barely drank it, You just watched it go cold" I teased then realise now wasn't the time.

As i walked over and handed him a coffee he took it but didn't look at me.

"Maxie look i'm sorry" He cut me off before i began.

"Don't worry about it Annabell its not your fault."

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