Take A Hint (Harry Styles)

Bella Montgomery thought she was just going on a ‘normal’ vacation to London with her best friend. But normal isn’t how anyone would describe it. Why? Because she runs into Harry Styles unexpectedly but she isn’t too impressed with his ego. Harry needs to learn that being famous doesn’t always get you what you want, it could actually get you into unwanted trouble. All Bella wanted was to have fun in London but she got a lot more than just a simple vacation.


1. Getting There

“Bella, Tabby can you girls come down to the living room we need to talk.” I heard my mom’s voice over the intercom. “Coming.” I paged back and I looked at my friend.


On the way down wondered what they wanted because they sounded very serious and they not only called me but they called Tabby to come too. Walking into the living room I saw both Tabby’s parents and mine sitting on the multiple couches. Why were Tabby’s parents there? What was this an intervention? I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong and neither has Tabby. I looked at my friend and she was as confused as I was.


“Girls come in we have to talk” and with those few words I went from being confused to terrified. Last time I heard those words my car was being taken away because of my ‘attitude problem’. So clearly these weren’t the words I wanted to here.


“Are we in trouble?” I asked and they just laughed.


“No, you guys aren’t in trouble on the contrary we have a bit of a surprise for you both” My dad said chuckling. By that point I didn’t know what to think. I just sat down next to my friend. I don’t like surprises they get me all worked up and anxious just thinking about it.


“Ok, so what’s the surprise?” Tabby asked because clearly we were both very curious at this point.


They all looked at each other smiling. I hated not knowing what was going on and by the look Tabby had on her face I could tell she was thinking the same.


“Well we all were thinking that both of you girls deserved a gift for graduating high school with honor roll” My dad started. “So we decided that as a gift we are letting you girls go to London for the rest of the summer.”


“You’re lying” I was in disbelief with the words that just came out of my father’s mouth. Maybe I heard wrong. This can’t be real. I must be dreaming.


“He isn’t” Mr. Walker (Tabby’s dad) said. We both jumped out of our seat jumping and screaming. I couldn’t believe it. This was something both Tabby and I wanted since freshmen year. Going to London was a dream for us.


“Oh my goodness, Bella we are going to London!” My best friend told me as she hugged me tight. “I know I’m so happy!” I cheered but I suddenly stopped and looked at my parents. “Wait what’s the catch?” I asked


“What do you mean?” My mom questioned.


“What I mean is that I find it a bit hard to believe that you guys are just going to let us go to another country by ourselves.” I said sitting back down. I knew that something was gong because I highly doubt that my dad, who lets not forget doesn’t let me leave the house without him knowing every detail of how I was going to spend my day, is letting me go to England without him or any parental supervision.


“We think you girls are grown and responsible enough to go by yourselves. Come on you girls are both 18 years old I think you guys could handle this.” Mrs. Walker replied with smirk on her face.


I still couldn’t believe it was real. It was one thing to let us go to another state but they were talking about another country. That was just crazy to me, not that I was complaining because I’ve wanted this for years. Good to know that all that begging worked. The rest of that afternoon we spent talking about the trip. Things like: what day we were leaving, where were we staying, how long we were staying and other details similar to that. Tabby and I are so excited we jumped and screaming until we got tired and our throats hurt.



It was the next morning and I woke up with Tabby lying on my lap. I couldn’t get it through my head that I was given the chance to go to England with my best friend. Even though I’ve been to Europe before this time it was different this time I was old enough to experience everything (not in a dirty way ...) and I was going with my best friend which made it even better.


When I was younger Tabby and I use to fantasize about meeting a cute British boy and falling in love. Yes I know I’m such a girl … shaking my head. Last night that’s what we were talking about, how stupid we were but it didn’t matter because tonight we were going to be on an airplane on our way to London. I was so excited but the only thing holding me back was that I had to pack. Oh how I hated packing but I couldn’t have someone do it for me because they just don’t know how to pick out clothes for me.


“Tabby, get up!” I screamed, shaking her senseless.


“I’m up, I’m up” she said popping up right before crashing back onto my lap. We have so much to do today and sleeping wasn’t in the plans. It was 9 a.m. and our flight is at 10 p.m. that gave us enough time to pack and have everything ready.


“Tabby, I’m so serious get up. We need to get started packing.” I tried lifting her up but it was hopeless she was knocked out. “Fine, don’t get up. I’m going downstairs to get some waffles.”


“Waffles! Let’s go, now!” she stood up and dragged me out my room. I knew that was the only way of getting her up, by mentioning food. She was skinny, but boy did she love to eat.



“Good morning, Bella.” I heard a familiar voice say as I walked in the kitchen.


“Morning, Maria. Do you mind making us some waffles, please.” I said giving her the puppy dog face. Maria was one of our staff members, she was basically the chef but I loved her like family. She’s been working for my family since I was three so I grew up with her around.


Yes, I was considered a ‘rich kid’ not like the ones you see on TV where the Barbie daughter gets everything she wanted by batting her eyes or acting like a brat. Even though I was raised in a wealthy family my parents never let me act like brat. I was taught to be respectful and have manners. I lived in Calabasas, California most of my life. Tabby and I grew up together she was the only one that didn’t act like the others and I loved her.


“Yes, anything else with those waffles?” Maria said snapping me out of my train of thought.


“Berries!” Tabby yelled out. “Oh, syrup too please.” That girl certainly loved her food. I dare anybody to come between her and food she would probably rip someone into pieces. Yes, it was that serious.


“I’ll get right on that then.” Maria said walking to the fridge.


“Do you think you could bring it upstairs when you’re done? We have to go get ready.”


“Of course, I can” she said sweetly. That’s what I loved about Maria she was so kind to everyone.


“Thanks.” Tabby and I said in unison before walking out. Just thinking about all the work we have to do already have me exhausted. Geez … am I lazy or what? Oh well this is just a small price we have to pay to get where we want, right?



After what seemed forever we finished packing. It took us about 7 hours and 6 luggage bags but we were done, thank god. We had to go to Tabby’s house about 4 times because she kept forgetting stuff, which was probably why we took so long. All that was left to do is get ready and off to London we go, oh yeah!


“Bella please do something with my hair it’s a mess.” Tabby said in frustration. She hated doing her hair so I always did it for her. If it was up to her she would have it in a bun all day but I never let her. It’s so long, blonde and beautiful that it deservers to be down so every one could see.


“Come here I’ll fix it” I grabbed a brush and my flat iron. “I’ll just straighten it quickly.” That took longer than I anticipated so by the time I was done it was time to go.


I took one last look in the mirror, I had on very basic make-up and I was wearing a simple pair of skinny jeans, my red Toms with a red varsity jacket over a plain white shirt. My dark red hair fell down to my shoulders and my bangs covering my forehead, it was my signature style and I loved it.


“Tabby lets go!” I hollered and she walked out of my closet. She was wearing a pair of jeans, white sandals and a jacket that covered her shirt. Her blonde hair was pushed back out of her face which made her green eyes much more noticeable.


“Hey do you girls need any help with your luggage?” I heard my dad over the intercom.


“Yes, please” I paged back. Not a minute went by when I heard my door slam open. It was James and Mason my younger brothers. I guess dad sent them to help me and my friend.


“Where are the bags at?” Mason asked bluntly.


“Wow, you are so rude.” I pointed to the luggage while I walked away from him. I didn’t want him to get me in a bad mood. I was too excited about leaving to let this fool get me down with his anger problems.


“Whatever.” They grabbed the luggage and left my room in a heartbeat.


“What’s got his panties in a bunch?” Tabby joked while she grabbed her purse and phone.


“I don’t know and honestly I don’t care.” I commented, also grabbing my bag and phone. I loved my family but sometimes they could be a really pain in the butt. Two whole months in another country sounded like a blessing to me, despite the fact that I MIGHT miss them.


Everyone was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for us to come down.


"There they are.” Mr. Walker said loudly. “Come here and give me a hug, I’m going to miss you girls.” We hugged him and I heard somebody crying behind me, it was my mom. I hated when she cried because it made me all sad and guilty even though I did nothing wrong.


“I can’t believe you guys are going for two whole month.” She sobbed. “Just promise me you’ll call every night.” I just nodded because words couldn’t come out of my mouth. I felt guilty leaving but she was the one who made the plans for me to leave so why am I sad? Ugh, I just need to shake it off and not get my mood down.


“Come here, squirt.” That was my dad he was the only one allowed to call me that. “You better behave out there, I don’t want anything happening to you.” His eyes stayed focused on mine.


“Don’t worry daddy everything is going to be fine.” I gave his a smile and hugged him once more. I loved but he could be really strict at times.


We finally finished saying our goodbye and headed to the airport. I was certainly going to miss everybody but I was also determined to have a great time with Tabby in London. It was our time to have fun, after all we did deserve it.


I looked over to Tabby she was on her phone while I was just singing along to the music and starring out the window. Our dads were in the front seat talking about business as usually, I never understood why the found that subject so fascinating but I guess its an old man thing.


Eventually we got to the airport, checked in and got on the plane. Before getting on I bought some magazines to keep me entertained during the flight. A flight attendant escorted us to our seats in first class, Tabby got the window seat and I got the crappy middle seat. I didn’t care because I was probably going to be asleep most of the flight.


“Tabs can you hand me my magazines?” I asked giving her a puppy dog face.


She pulled them out of her bag and starred at one of them. “Who are they? And why are they so cute?” She questioned, her eyes still glued to the cover of the magazine.


“That’s One Direction. They’re this British-Irish boy band, I can’t believe you’ve never heard of them.” I said astonished, I mean c’mon who has heard of them they are literally every where you look!


“Never seen or heard of them but they are freakin’ cute especially the blond one.” Finally giving me the magazine but still glancing at the cover.


“I think the cutest one is the curly headed one with the green eyes.” I told my blonde friend. And I kind of wish I never said that because we started debating on who looked better until we got interrupted by one of the flight attendants.


“Would you girls like something to drink?” She smiled and pointed to a cart full of different drinks.


“I would like a coke.” Tabby said


“And I’ll just take some water.” I said noticing we were already in the air. I was so focused on the argument and reading articles about the two boys that I didn’t even notice. Most of the magazine was about the each had their own page. We acted like two crazed fans just reading about them. I was getting tired though I’ve been up for so many hours.


“I’m going to take a nap, wake me up when we get there.” I got comfortable on my friends lap and dozed off.


Sorry for not including One Direction In this chapter I just needed to fill everyone in on who Bella and Tabby are and how they got to where they are. But I promise that 1D will be on the next chapter again I'm sorry! D:

Oh and please comment I would love to get some feedback. This is my first story and I want to know what you think (:

-Leelee <3

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