Summer Love

Alexandrea and Morgan are Zayns best friends. When Zayn Has them over with the boys all summer a lot will happen. Relationship, Broken hearts, Fun in the sun and much more! :)


3. Shopping :D


* Niall's Pov *  Last night was a little bit weird. Why was Zayn all mad that Alexandrea was on me when she was scared, it's not a big deal! I woke up by smelling the amazing sensation of food! " Food Where Is It! " I came down the stairs screaming." Its right here. There are eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles and toast." Alexandrea exclaimed. All of a sudden I heard 10 feet stumbling down the stairs. " Were here! " Morgan sang down the stairs. " Hello love. " Louis said while kissing Alexandrea on the forhead. Everyone sat down and started to eat. " Niall you eat like a pig! " Morgan Said.  " So does Alexandrea! " I smiled. I like a girl that has a big appitate like me! " Hey Alexandrea remember..." Louis told Alexandrea. " No about? " She asked. " What we were talking about last night and what were going to do today?" " Ohhhh yeaaaa. " Alexandrea winked at Louis. I want to know what their talking about!  * Louis's Pov *  Me and Alexandrea were going Shopping. I am in love with shopping and i think that everyone know that but, I love it!! " Hey so what are you guys doing today? " Liam asked. Being daddy direction he needs to know everything. " Nothing! " I said " Tell me! " Liam begged. " No, Come on Alexandrea lets go. " I sassed and snapped my fingers. " Louis your a weird o " Alexandrea joked. " But im your weird o" I truly said. " That is very true. " She said before poking the tip of my nose and walking into her room to get changed. I went into my room and changed into my red jeans and a striped t shirt. Now all I have to do is wait for Alexandrea. I just walked down stairs and a waited. A little bit later Alexandrea came down the stairs and she looked stunning! Wearing red shorts and a striped tank top. We were planning to match. " Ok Ready to go Mrs. Tomlinson. " I joked " Ready to go Mr.Tomlinson" Alexandrea Giggled. We headed out the door ready to start our little shopping adventure. I have to remember my goal! * Alexandrea's Pov *  We walked out the door into Louis's Car. He opened my door and shut it when I got in. " Such a gentlemen." I confessed. " Thanks! " Louis responded. While Louis was driving I kept glancing at him. He looks amazing. " Were here. " Louis told me " Ok lets go. " I said. The first place we went to was Famous Foot Wear. " Louis Look at these. " I giggled. The heels I was wearing were all jeweled and colorful! " Oh my you look gourgous! " Louis was using a girl voice. " You so weird " I joked. We left with about 5 pairs of shoes each. Next we hit this one store. I have never saw it before. " Alexandrea We Need to get these. " Louis was jumping up and down. The shirts said He's My Mickie and Shes my Minnie. " Awwwhhhh I love them!" I said while holding all of our stuuf we were going to buy. We placed it on the scanning table and bought everything. We left about 2 Hours later and we wore are Mickie and Minnie Shirts. Before we got home I looked at Louis and gave him a kiss on the cheek. " Thanks for the wonderful day." I told him. " Well thanks for letting me take you out. " Louis Told me. I think im starting to like Louis. Is this good or bad. :/   Boop Boop Hope you liked it so far :) Thanks for reading- Niall's Princess :) Love From the United States :)
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