Summer Love

Alexandrea and Morgan are Zayns best friends. When Zayn Has them over with the boys all summer a lot will happen. Relationship, Broken hearts, Fun in the sun and much more! :)


2. Movie Night!

After the kiss things were kinda weird. I don't know why it just was? We had to find something to get our mind off things. " Ok since its about 9:30 we should go to the movies for a while!" Louis said. He was bouncing up and down on the couch. " Ummm..... Sure. " I wasn't sure I'm not to big about the movies. There just seems to be a lot of creeps there at night. About 10 minutes later we headed out. Of course when we got there everyone wanted to see Breaking Dawn part 2. " Please Please Please!!!" Harry begged. He got to his knees and was begging. " Ok fine lets go. " Liam pointed at Harry to get up. Wow he was weird........ " Two to the left." The ticket person told us. ( Sorry i don't know what their called? ) We walked in and the movie was half way threw. " Good going Louis." Harry punched him. " Not my fault." Louis just looked around and ran to another movie.. Paranormal Activity 4. We got there just on time.

* Half way threw the movie *

This is very scary. Im sitting next to Zayn and Niall so i just act cool. Once the scary face pops up I berry my head in Niall's chest for a few minutes till its gone. Hes just sitting there messing with my hair, I got up to see Zayn's face is all red and his fists are clenching together. " Zayn are you ok. " I asked. " Yes. " He gritted though his teeth. " Yes there is i know you for a long time and I know there is." I rolled my eyes and got up and left. When I got home I changed into my Pj's and ordered a pizza. " So much better than being at the movies" I thought.  " Hey girly What up? " Morgan asked. I toatly Forgot she was here. " Nothing just tired ." I said when i heard the boys coming into the door. I ran into my room because i just wanted to be alone. Then i heard someone coming up the stairs and glad to see it was Louis. " Hey Alex wait up? Can  I call you Alex? " Louis asked " Yes and what u need Carrot boy." I sassed him. " Whats wrong." " I'm just sick of people already!" " Am I one " He looked at the ground. " No of course not " I Poked the tip of his nose. " Ok well then can I ask you something?" " Anything!" Wanna go shopping tomorrow  " Louis likes shopping? " Sure why not. " I laughed " Ok well I'm going to bed so Night Lou." " Night love you. " " Love you too" Wow i cant believe i said that. I slowly drifted off to sleep 

* Louis's Pov *

" I love you too" Alex said before I left. Did she really or just thinking of me as a friend. " Hey Where you been?" Harry asked. " Tucking Alex in " I laughed. " Really, Get a little lip action?" Harry snickered " No " I shouted. Zayn and Niall signed in relief. " Well were all going to bed so night. " Liam told me. " Night " I replied. Once everyone went stairs and I sat on the couch. Why were Niall and Zayn so happy that nothing happened with me and Alex..... Well maybe something will happen tomorrow at the mall. I smiled and went to bed.

Boop Boop

So is it so far, if its bad ill stop writing so :)

Thanks Fram: Niall's Princess :)

Love From The U.S :)








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