Summer Love

Alexandrea and Morgan are Zayns best friends. When Zayn Has them over with the boys all summer a lot will happen. Relationship, Broken hearts, Fun in the sun and much more! :)


1. Hanging Out With The Boys

" Alexandrea Get up Zayn's here! " Morgan screamed from downstairs. I slowly slipped my feet from under the covers into my warm slippers, Crimped my hair, put on a zebra print tank top and booty shorts. Going down stairs I smelt food. Warm delicious food. " Oh my Did you make panca-" I stumbled. Once i got a glimpse at the kitchen I saw 5 gorgeous boys. I think I just ruined my chances with them. I should have made myself look better! Ughh.... " Hi love. This is Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam. " Zayn Kissed my cheek then continued. " Their going to hang out with us during the summer! " " Thats cool. " I tried acting like I didn't care but in the inside i was freaking out! Niall was shoving his face with food, I just giggled and walked off  to get my pancakes. I was putting butter on my Pancakes when i heard a Loud crash. " Thunder All ready, It's not ever noon." Louis complained. " Well guess we all should get to know each other." Harry said nodding tword me and Morgan. " Do you always think hes like this? " Morgan asked. I think she was nervous because she was getting pale. Its weird when she gets nervous she get pale! " Lets find out." I wispered. I walked over there and sat on Zayns lap he never cares. " So, we want to get to know you." Liam said. " Nawwhhh Really!! " I sarcastically said. 

* Hour Later *

" Got anymore questions for us? " Morgan asked. " No. " Niall replied. Thank god i think this game of 20 questions is over. " DOG PILE " Louis Screamed. Piling on top of everyone. Im in the middle so its not that bad. " Get.... off cant ..... breathe." Harry Said. We all got up and sat on the couch. After a few minutes i saw that Niall was staring at me. " Need something? " I asked " No...I umm....." Niall said. " Ohhhh Caught in the act! " Louis yelled. Ugh this day was going to last forever! All the boys were messing around and Morgan was sitting with Zayn talking. I ran upstairs to go to my room to play my piano. I was singing to Red by Taylor Swift when Niall came in. " Your voice is beautiful " Niall Told me. " Thanks. " I just felt awkward. " Well the boys wanna play some truth or dare so wanna play. " Niall was poking my sides making me laugh. " If you stop I'll play! " I tried to get it our over my laughing. " Good Now lets go " Niall Pulled me down stairs in the circle they were all sitting in.

" Louis Truth or Dare? " Zayn asked. " Dare! "Louis said. " I dare you to run around in your boxers for 1 minute. " Zayn giggled. Louis just striped into his underwear. " Ok , well imma go when Louis is doing that. " Liam said " Harry truth or dare. " Dare. " Harry confidently stated. " Lick the floor. " Liam Pointed to the floor. Harry gave a nasty look and licked the floor. " Ewww Harry!! " Louis said. " My turn." Harry grinned. " Alexandrea Truth or--" " Dare! " I yelled. " Yup thats Alexandrea for you. " Morgan laughed. I loved to pick dare, anytime there was a chance. " I dare you to Kiss Niall." Harry looked at us two. Me and Niall took a minute to look at each other then are lips crashed together it was about 20 seconds long. " Wow " I wispered. This is going to be a great Summer! :)


Boop Boop :)

Sorry if it wasn't good im not the

Best writer ever so let me know how you enjoyed it so far!

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