My Aunt's Job

Abby Taylor's parents died in a recent accident. She was devastated and the only family member who was willing to accept and take care of her is her Aunt. What happens when her Aunt's job is in the music industry and she falls in love with a special someone?


2. The embarrassment starts now

Abby's POV
Louis gives me a fake evil smile and asks," So how old are your parents?" He does a side wink at Harry. Probably an inside joke about my mom.. I shift uncomfortable an clear my throat then mutter "we're." "What did you say?" Niall asks, tilting his head to the side. Aunt Sherry sends me an apologetic look from across the room. I straighten my back. "Well um my parents died 2 years ago.." Zayn, who was drinking coke, spits it out.. All over me. "What!?" The boys give him crazy looks and I stand up. "I should go.." I mutter. "NO!" The boys scream in unison. I turn around and speed walk to the door. I hear the boys start laughing. Wow thats pretty low life that they would laugh about my parents death.. A tear streams down my cheek and I reach for the doorknob. Someone grabs my wrist and pulls me back. I yank my wrist out before opening the door and running out, slamming it extra loud. Me being the retard I am, forgot to realize I am in a public building with professional people. Random citizens turn and glare at me. "Woops?" I run put the building and slide against the wall. I start randomly playing with a pebble at my feet. I look down, my tears staining my shirt. Knock. I look up. Knock knock. I see a small rock be thrown against me. I pick it up in confusion. I noticed there is little scratched hand writing on it. All it said was What. Okayy.. Am I hallucinating or something or is a pedo bear rock following me. I'll go with the first one. Another rock has been thrown. This time it says is. Another rock is thrown and it says is wrong. Okay.. Um what is wrong? I look up from where these rocks are being thrown from and see a boy with brown truffled hair swept to the side with deep blue eyes. He spots eye contact me and smiles and waves, showing his perfectly white teeth. Danggg he is cute! I motion for him to come closer and he sits down next to me. He turns and looks at me directly in the eyes. " Whats wrong?" I look down and hide my blush. "N-nothing." I stutter. "It wasn't nothing if you were crying." He leans back and puts his arm around my shoulders. I sigh "It's a long story." He turns to me expectantly, waiting for me to continue. "Well it started 2 years ago.."
**Flash Back 2 years ago.**
I sighed heavily and sat back on the couch, shoving the spoon with Ben & Jerry's ice cream on it roughly into my mouth. I flipped off the cheesy movie and changed the channel. The news came on loud next. I turned it up with no interest. My eyes stopped on the words at the bottom of the screen. It read a dark blue 300 has crashed on the interstate. A picture popped up as .. My dads car? I looked closer and saw a man and women in the front seats. Those were my parents..
**Flash Back Ends**
"Wow." The boy said with pure shock in his voice. "I am so sorry." He apologizes. "Its not your fault, don't be sorry." I say, looking up at him with glossy eyes. He gives me a weak smile and gently hugs me. I inhale is after shave, hey call me creepy but he smells goood! "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything, I i'm sorry." I apologize standing up. "Wait whats your name?" He asks. "Abby." I smile at him "And yours?" He smiles at me and says, "Austin." He hands me a slip of paper. "Call me sometime." He leans down and kisses my cheek and then walks off. Okay.. that was weird. I smile and walk back into the building. Immediately I am attacked by a worried looking Niall. "Don't ever run off again!" He pretends to scold me. The boys follow and hug me also. "It's okay, I am fine i'm not hurt." I smile at the boys.
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