My Aunt's Job

Abby Taylor's parents died in a recent accident. She was devastated and the only family member who was willing to accept and take care of her is her Aunt. What happens when her Aunt's job is in the music industry and she falls in love with a special someone?


9. New start?

*Congratulations contest winner #1!!!;) only_fortiz is going to have her character in the book!*
Briana's POV
I felt bad for making Zayn bump into me.. Yes I know who he is, Zayn Malik from One Direction. I grab his hand and lead him to my house. When I get to my front door I unlock it and step in, waiting for Zayn to do the same thing. I close it behind him and I hear him say, "Wow such a beautiful place, just like you." I blush and stumble, hiding my blush with my hair. I give him a short tour until we reach the kitchen. "So sit on that stool and I will be making your soup!" I instruct him. I turn around and open the pantry, grabbing the can of chicken noodle soup. I boil the water and cook it. After it's done, I ask Zayn "Wanna play 20 questions?" He smiles and nods. "Okay I'm first, do you have a boyfriend?" He asks. I freeze in the middle of pouring the soup into the bowl. I forgot all about Derek. He is my abusive boyfriend, he went out to a club tonight. I never noticed I was frowning until Zayn says something about it. "Hey you okay?" he asks worrily. I put on a fakd smile, "Yup i'm juuust peachy." I continue pouring the soup into two bowls and then hand him one. "Thank you so much."
A hour passes by without me noticing. Suddenly I hear the doorknob jiggle and I chose to ignore it. Too late.. The door busts open and Derek comes stumbling in with a beer in his hands. "BRIANA!" He shouts drunkly "WHO IS THIS!?" I stutter and cuddle close to Zayn forbprotection. "N-no b-body." He comes closer and raises his hand.
Abby's POV
I sigh and put another spoon of Ben & Jerrys in my mouth. I look completely different. I decided to call the boys. I reach for my phone on the end of my bed and hit Louis's contact and call. It goes to voice mail so I do the same to Liams. He picks up on the fourth ring. "Hello?" He sounds so depressed.
"Hey Liam."
He gasps. " ABBY! YOU'RE OKAY!"
I hear Niall in the background. "Abby? Where?"
I chuckle and nod, forgetting i'm on the phone. "Do you think you can sneak me out?"
"Sneak you out?" He repeats.
"Yeah sure, but when?"
"Umm.." I think for a bit "Tommorow at 4 p.m. see you there."
I say and hang up. A rock hits my window. They are here already? I told them tomorrow. I look out of my window and see Austin there. I close my door and open the window. "What's up with you and rocks?" He shrugs. I motion for him to come up and he climbs the latter and slips through the window. I run and give him a hug. "I missed you.." "Yeah okay, where have you've been" he says feminime like. I let out a loud laugh but then cover my mouth. I hear footsteps going upstairs and I immediately try to rush him out. Just as his leg was over the side of the window seel, the door busts open.
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