My Aunt's Job

Abby Taylor's parents died in a recent accident. She was devastated and the only family member who was willing to accept and take care of her is her Aunt. What happens when her Aunt's job is in the music industry and she falls in love with a special someone?


8. New Girl

Abby's POV
As soon as we pull up the drive way I see two cars I don't recognize. I open my door and step out wiping away some of my tears on my sleeves. The boys have no chance coming after me now, I am all the way in the US. My Aunt unlocks the door and I walk in, seeing Austin and, my sister? "Kayla?" I ask. She turns around and immediately turns her nose up in disgust. " Why are you here?" I ask. " Because I have full custody of you now. My mouth drops open and I turn to see my aunt staring at the floor, tears rolling down her cheeks. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" I scream at her. She smirks. "Watch me." She grabs my arm and pulls me towards the door. I look at Austin for help and he looks away, silently crying. That is all I remember before being pulled away..
I wake up to a beam of light shining in my eyes. I sit up and rub my eyes and yawn, slowly walking to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and let out an ear piercing scream. "MY HAIR!?" My sister walks by the bathroom door smirking, a lolipop in her mouth. "Blonde suits you." She says sarcastically before laughing and walking away. Tears stream down my eyes as I molp around.
Zayn's POV
I open the door and chase after their car down the sidewalk, not noticing a girl. I accidentally knock her over and immediately help her up. "You alright?" I ask her. I look up at her face and noticed how beautiful she was, she had an amazing smile with soft brown wavy hair. "No, are YOU okay? You look worried." She stands up and dusts herself off. "Here lemme make you some soup." She says, grabbing my hand and leading me to her house.
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