My Aunt's Job

Abby Taylor's parents died in a recent accident. She was devastated and the only family member who was willing to accept and take care of her is her Aunt. What happens when her Aunt's job is in the music industry and she falls in love with a special someone?


3. Mysterious Messages, and some OH SNAP moments

Abby's POV
"So why were you guys laughing at me?" I ask Niall as we walk back to the room. "Well..erm" He blushes a dark red "Um your pants ripped in the back." He muttered, scratching his head. WHAT!? Holy mother duckling I did not expect that to happen, welp.. That explains the ripping sound when I came out of the car earlier. I chuckle nervously. "Quack quack." Zayn imitates. The boys crack up laughing referring to something I don't know about or care too. "Check your underwear babe." Harry whispers in my ear. I look down and blush. Why in the world did I choose to wear ducky underpants!? It came with a matching bra too! Dang! "Hey, HEY at least they are pink." I pout. The boys laugh even more. "It ain't funny." I mutter. "It kinda is." Louis jokes. I glare at the side if his head. Boy the things I would do to that man right now if we weren't in public. "So who was that boy?" Louis asks smirking. "What boy?" Niall asks confused. "Oh didn't he give you his number?" Zayn asks, following along. "You saw us?" I whisper to Louis, apparently not quiet enough cause Niall heard. His smile drops and his facial expression is unreadable. I clear my throat awkwardly. "What's his name?" Niall asks, his voice monotone. "Austin." He nods his head. I bite my lip and play with my fingers. "You like him!" Louis exclaims out of nowhere. I shake my head shyly. I roll my eyes and look away. "Aww look she is blushing!" Zayn coos. "Please, I don't want know brown haired babies running around." Louis teases. Oh no he didn't ima bout to pop a cap on his head and punch him in his throat. Niall tenses up but relaxes when my arm rubs against his arm when I walk past him. My phone beeps in my back jean short pocket. I swiftly, pull it out and read the text. Your parents are here. Eh what? They are dead.. I shudder at the image of my mom bloody leaning on the dash board. My phone beeps again.
Your next-Unknown
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