My Aunt's Job

Abby Taylor's parents died in a recent accident. She was devastated and the only family member who was willing to accept and take care of her is her Aunt. What happens when her Aunt's job is in the music industry and she falls in love with a special someone?


1. Meeting my Aunt's Clients

Abby's POV
I lightly kick a pebble, shoving my hands into my sweater pockets. I knock on my Aunt's apartment door and it swings open. " Hi baby! How was school?" Aunt Sherry asks with a big grin. "Great" I say, giving a thin smile. I walk passed her and set down my book bag on the couch then strut into the kitchen. I look through the pantry and grab a freshly new packet of Oreos and grab a few. I shove a couple into my mouth and slide onto the stool. " Remember that job I applied to go this morning?" I nod my mouth to full to respond. "Well..I GOT ACCEPTED!" She screams bouncing around. For a fourty-seven year old, you will be surprised how high she was jumping without breaking any bones. " Congratz!" I congratulate her without caring if my mouth was full or not.
She slides me the paper and sure enough, it said she was accepted. "Do you want to go to my first day of work with me to meet my new clients?" She asks. I give her a, what's to it? Look. "You get to miss school." She says, reading my mind. I shrug, hiding a smile. It's my last year of school, I am a Senior. "Wait where is Baby?" I ask after swallowing my food. " Probably upstairs..." She mutters, reading over he job application papers. I put my fingers in my mouth and whistle. I spot Baby trotting down the stairs with a toy in her mouth. Yes if you were wondering, I names my dog Baby.
**7:26a.m. Next Day**
My lights flicker on and I hear a soft voice say, " Time to get up." I groan and put a pillow over my head. I drag my self out of bed and light shove my Aunt out of my room. "Ok ok, I will get ready if you go." I lock my door after she leaved and slde into the shower. I wash my hair with strawberry shampoo and conditioner. After I finish, I dry off and wrap a towel around me. When I step out of my bathroom I instinctively turn off the hidden camera in the corner of my room. I learned the hard way to not trust Aunt Sherry.
After I finish my routine, I pull on some dark blue denim shorts with a braided brown belt, for my top I pull on a bandeau with a sheer crop top over it. I slide some bracelets on and a silver diamond necklace. After I finish getting dressed, I blow dry my hair and straighten it perfectly straight. I apply a little natural make up then slide on my sparkly white vans.
I walk down the stairs with my bag in my arm and I see Aunt Sherry there eating a bagel. "Here sweetie I made you one."
"Thanks" I say, taking a bite out of it. Eventually I devour it in the next few minutes and am waiting at the door for my Aunt to hurry up and finish. After she unlocks the door I walk out to the car and slide into the passengers seat. Immediately I flick on the radio and start jamming. My aunt chuckles next to me and drives down the high way. "How long is the drive?" I ask. "About 15 minutes." She says, keeping her eyes on the road
**After music, dancing, and singing horribly off tune filled 15 min car ride**
My aunt pulls up to a parking space and stops the car. I open my door hoping out, I hear a light ripping sound but chose to ignore it. I skip down the path leaving my aunt trailing behind. I hop to the desk where a grumpy old lady with died black hair sits. My aunt walks up to her and introduces herself. I didn't even try to listen to the conversation, only dream about what celebrities are here. "Hi I am Angela I will be your guide for today, follow me please." A lady with long blonde hair in a fancy suit introduces us. We follow her to a dark brown wooden door and I hear a loud screeching sound and stuff being thrown around inside the room. The lady-Angela- chuckles and mutters, " those boys are at it again." She knocks on the door and opens it swiftly to reveal five boys, not only five boys but, One Direction.
As soon as the door flies open a tomato flies my way. Luckily, me I wasn't fast enough to duck it and it hits my center chest. "I am so sorry!" Liam exclaims, getting a paper towel and rubbing gently on my shirt. "Um." The boys snicker behind him at the position where his hand is. He realizes and backs away, blushing a deep read color. "Soo.. This is awkward." My Aunt trails off. I chuckle and decide it's best to introduce myself. "Hi I am Abby." Harry walks up, grabs my hand, and kisses it. "Nice to meet you Abby." He says in a flirty tone, winking. I roll my eyes and chuckle. "Hi Harry." Niall then walks up to me. "Hi, I am Niall." "Hi there! I'm Abby." I light shake his hand and he walks back. Louis walks up and screams, "HI LOVE! I AM LOUIS THE TOMMO TOMLINSON!" I chuckle and plug my ear with one hand and shake his hand with the other. "Oh yeah? I can be twice as louder." I compete with him. " HELLO DER LOUIS! I AM ABBY TAYLOR!" I scream. He smirks and juts his hip out. "I love her!" He squeezes me in a tight hug and I pat his back awkwardly. He skips back and fake makes out with Harry. "As much as I love your bromances, I don't wan't gay porn burned in my mind." I mutter, loud enough for them to hear me. Niall busts out laughing soon the boys all do to. Louis huffs and stomps his foot, dragging Harry to a closet. Zayn walks up to me and introduces himself. " Hey I am Zayn, the vain." I shake his hand and smile,"Abby." Liam, the boy I had the incident with, walks up his face a light pink now. "I am sorry about that, I am Liam." He introduces. "Thats Alright, hi love I am Abby by the way." He sticks his hand out and I push it away, pulling him into a hug. He must've been surprised at first since he didn't hug back. "20 questions?" Niall suggests. We all nodded and sit down. I noticed Louis and Harry joined us and the game starts.
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