My Aunt's Job

Abby Taylor's parents died in a recent accident. She was devastated and the only family member who was willing to accept and take care of her is her Aunt. What happens when her Aunt's job is in the music industry and she falls in love with a special someone?


5. Manhunt In The Dark

Tatiana look at me then suggests to play manhunt. "Yes!" I exclaim, running over to the boys. "Do you want to play manhunt with us? I ask them. "Sure!" Louis mocks as a fake preppy girl. I roll my eyes and we walk back over to my cousin. "Ready?" She nods her head. "So the teams are me, Tatiana, Niall, Zayn and Harry." I announce. "That's not fair it's five against two!" Louis complains. "Ugh fine. Emily!" I call for my other cousin. She comes trotting over. "Do you wanna play with us?" I ask. She nods and joins Louis's team. "We still have three.." "Louis will you shutup!" I call for Robert and he joins his side with his friend."There, so we are hiding first and you have to count!" I say, running outside. "Where should we go?" I ask Tatiana since she knows this neighbor hood better than anyone else. "Here just follow me." She says. We follow her down the side of the house and we pass by the screen net part to her pool. We notice there is a dead end so we turn around. Then we run across the street and coda sac to behind a random house. Behind the house was where the woods started and since it was night out, we used our phones as flashlights. There is a little opening of trees and we climb over it then run out until we see just and open area of grass. "Be careful, there are holes in the ground." Tatiana warns us. We run across and then as we pass a house we here talking not to far from us. "Run!" Tatiana whisper shouts. We start running and notice none of the boys are behind them. "They kidnapped them!" I exclaimed. We run till the fence ends and its a corner where a house is. Across the street is a lake with a grass area and side walk. We start walking right pass a car that was parked in the drive way of the random house and I hear a loud engine of a cool black car with blue lights at the bottom starts getting closer to us. "That's Robert's car!" Tatiana exclaims. We run and duck beside the car and watch as we blended in with the dark and they pass us. "Wow they kidnapped our people AND used a car. So not fair." I complain and she nods in agreement. We pant, trying to catch our breaths. We run back to the open area and we see flashlights moving around in the forest. "And they have flashlights too?! That's just jacked up." I mutter. We run around the side walk till we get to the same path again. This time, no one is at the woods. We run through the path again and run diagonal this time in the open area i hear a thud and see Tatiana face planted into the dirt. "Those dang holes." She mutters. I laugh and we both start cracking up. I ended up peeing a little in my pants. "I peed a little." Tatiana breathes through laughs. "Me too." We run behind a house and soon don't see them. We run back to her house and hides behind a truck. Tatiana sees Louis and stands up and shouts, "Where is our people?!" Louis smirks and runs towards us. I give up and let him tag me. Tatiana doesn't though and she tries to outrun him but he picks her up and swings her over his shoulder. I giggle as 'our people' came towards us.
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